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Pause series: “HPI”, the simple recipes for an announced success

LThe competitors may have seen it coming, but the audience score has the effect of a hammer blow. For their second week of broadcasting, the adventures of Audrey Fleurot as a messy and gifted investigator magnetized more than 10 million viewers to their small screen, Thursday, May 6. The first episodes ofHPI had gathered, the previous week, 9.8 million viewers. This audience gain is not common, especially if we also count the replay and on-demand viewings on the Salto paid platform, where the series was previewed in mid-April, and on MyTF1. The addition allows the series to largely pass the 11 million viewer mark.

In terms of fiction, only one episode of Josephine Guardian Angel had made a comparable score in 2007. More recently, only Emmanuel Macron and his speeches on the health situation can hope to bring together such a large audience. Predictable but nevertheless exceeding all expectations, the success ofHPI allows the channel to calmly consider the opportunity of a second season, confirmed a few days ago by information from The voice of the North.

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The object of sympathetic criticism and very positive word of mouth, HPI is positioned as the flagship of a crusade launched by the first channel to renew its image in terms of French fiction. Evidenced by a slew of original productions and adaptations, not always successful but often ambitious, broadcast since the beginning of the year – The promise, A man of honor, I promise you, Gloria… The arrival of some faces currently listed is also evidenced by this – Audrey Fleurot, therefore, a very “premium” television actress for HPI (and The Bazaar of Charity before that), but also JoeyStarr (The Substitute, Gloria). Choices which, as Anne Viau, director of the fiction of the TF1 group, at the site PureMedia, allow the chain to “Renew [ses] incarnations ” and “To anchor TF1 in its time and its society”.

Atypical profiles are popular

The main performer ofHPI, already well known to the French and adorned with a credibility that all its congeners of the small screen do not have, counts for a lot in the success of the series, whose marketing plan is based almost exclusively on his face, plastered on the side of the Parisian buses. His gifted character who has not quite managed to get the most out of it guarantees him a capital sympathy. As for her three children and her unpaid bills, they bring her closer to ordinary people. This gap between Morgane Alvaro’s potential and reality is the foundation upon which most of the narrative arcs of the series are based, which takes place on the principle of one plot per episode. If Morgane gets hired by the police to help her solve complex cases, it’s because she’s smarter than most, but also because her IQ doesn’t cut her off from others.

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