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“Why don’t you take pictures with your husband?” María Celeste appears with a mysterious man and a fan accuses her: “You took him away from María Elena Salinas.” (PHOTO)

  • María celeste appears with a man in a photo on social networks
  • Netizens immediately ask her about her husband
  • “Why don’t you take pictures with your husband?” Internet users ask

María Celeste friend husband. The Puerto Rican presenter María Celeste Arrarás causes controversy in the world of social networks, when she appears in a photograph with a man, very embraced, immediately the followers of the host began to question her about her husband in the publication.

It was through his account Instagram, where the Puerto Rican, decided to share an image where she appears with her partner Manny Machado, according to the header of the post, the journalist caused a great controversy among her followers, but the journalist responded with a shocking response.

María Celeste appears with a ‘friend’


“With my good friend @mannymachado2017 who lived to tell it, “wrote the journalist on her social network profile, where she is a celebrity, with many followers, since she has been characterized by her great charisma, making her one of the most loved by Hispanics.

At the age of 60, the Puerto Rican journalist has captivated millions of Hispanics, both on social networks and on television, it should be remembered that she recently returned to the Univision network, after a long time without a job, but that she she was active on her own.

María Celeste friend husband: Reaction of the followers

Maria Celeste friend husband 2

Immediately Internet users were present in the comments, wondering why her husband does not appear next to her, and another man does: “Why don’t you take pictures with your husband?”, Said a user, to which María Celeste He replied: “because I don’t have a husband.” María Celeste has been married once, to Manny Arvesu; They have three children in common: Julián, Lara Giuliana and Adrián, whom they adopted in Russia in 2000.

But there were also those who became jealous of the Puerto Rican journalist’s friend: “!I’m jealous !! ”,“ Lucky boy ”,“ I hope that one day you can find a good partner to share your life with ”,“ Friend or boyfriend? ”,“ Good because I get jealous ”,“ Being by your side a heart attack is little “, were some of the comments.

María Celeste friend husband: New partner?

Maria Celeste friend husband 3

Immediately the doubts began to circulate in the publication of María Celeste where she appears with her friend very embraced which they considered a quite lucky man, for being next to this great woman, and they began to question the Univision journalist:

What luck of a Friend to be so close to a Great Woman ,, the best thing that could happen to a Person like this Friend ,, Maria Celeste ,,, You are a Love ”,“ Don’t tell me that you took it from Maria Elena Salinas, it seems that he likes the Marías, from the comments you are jealous “,” The wish that you have been fucked … “.

María Celeste friend husband: Possessor of great talent

Maria Celeste friend husband 4

It should be remembered that in her youth she was an outstanding swimmer, winning gold, silver and bronze medals in the Central American and Caribbean Swimming Championships; Her success in the pools was so great that she was selected to compete in the 1976 Summer Olympics in Montreal, although she was finally unable to attend as she contracted mononucleosis.

After finishing his high school studies, Arrarás decided to bet on a future in communications, for which he decided to enter Loyola University, in New Orleans, Louisiana where he graduated with honors in communication.

María Celeste friend husband: She has already been married

Maria Celeste friend husband 5

María Celeste Arrarás married Manny Arvesu in 1996. With him she had two biological children: Julián and Lara Giuiliana, born in 1997 and 2001, respectively. The couple also adopted a son, for which they decided to travel to Russia, where they formalized the adoption of their son Adrián, born in 2000.

Maria Celeste Arrarás Mangual was born on September 27, 1960 in Mayagüez, Puerto Rico. She is the daughter of José Enrique Arrarás, a renowned Puerto Rican lawyer and politician, and Astrid Mangual, a chemist by profession. In 2004, in the middle of the most successful moment of Arrarás’ career, the couple decided to separate, finalizing their divorce two years later.

María Celeste friend husband: Returns to Univision


After being fired from Telemundo, the renowned journalist María Celeste returned to Univision and appeared on the morning program Despierta América, although it should be noted that she does not receive the best of welcomes: “Pure journalistic arrogance,” users tell her.

Raúl González, one of the program’s hosts, was in charge of receiving María Celeste as follows: “Attention, family, he arrived, live, we welcome an award-winning journalism icon to the home of Despierta América presenter, activist, author, mother and a very dear friend to all of us ”.

“With butterflies” in the stomach: María Celeste

Photo Univision

With a low-cut black dress that highlighted her figure at 60 years of age, the one born in Mayagüez, Puerto Rico on September 27, confessed that she had not stepped on Univision for more than 20 years, and that since the building is new, she had than lean on a GPS

“With butterflies, euphoric, upset, thank God all those things, all good,” said María Celeste, who after leaving Telemundo has reinvented herself with different projects, one of them her talk show MC Live on her channel of YouTube (TO WATCH THE VIDEO CLICK HERE). Filed as María Celeste friend husband.

Her children have been with her during the pandemic

Photo Univision

In this same interview, the journalist shared that throughout the pandemic she has been fortunate that her three children: Adrián, Lara Giuiliana and Julián, have been with her at home studying online, and that she believes that she is the only mother who she has managed to keep her children, over 20 years old, at home.

It would hardly be the beginning of the confessions that María Celeste would make for the Univisión program Despierta América, although perhaps the impact it caused on social networks would not be expected, because while some were very happy to see her again, others were not. it seemed like the best of ideas. Filed as María Celeste friend husband.

María Celeste remembers her time at Primer Impacto

Photo Univision

It was in February 1994 that María Celeste, along with Myrka Dellanos, began a news program that little by little became a benchmark on Hispanic television in the United States: Primer Impacto. and that gave him the place that corresponds to the woman.

In the section Do you remember … ?, the journalist recalled some details of that time, from her look to the colleagues she worked with and who, several of them, are still in the ranks of Univision: “It was a very beautiful stage, it marked a milestone on television because it used to be a tradition for a man and a woman to present a newscast ”. Filed as María Celeste friend husband.

With his “true love”

Photo Univision

And when María Celeste least expected it, she was surprised with several photos of her childhood, in several of them accompanied by her “true love”, her father, José Enrique Arrarás. Visibly moved, she commented that he is her total adoration.

“I owe so many things to him that have helped me in my career: discipline, love for excellence, hard work, all the principles that I have that have brought me here come from this man who come here,” confessed the renowned journalist. Filed as María Celeste friend husband. Some images in this note come from It is Y It is videos

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