Sunday, June 20

The Treasury will not touch IRPF and VAT until 2023 and ensures that there is no commitment with Brussels to raise diesel

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Maria Jesus Montero, Minister of Finance, presented this Thursday the tax measures against tax fraud and for the improvement of public spending. During his speech, he clarified that The Government does not plan to take new measures in the field of personal income tax and VAT until at least 2023.

It will be for this year when the proposals of the Committee of Experts that are already working on the tax reform and will be presented in the first quarter of 2022 can be applied. Despite the fact that Montero has recognized the pressure from Brussels to address issues such as reduced and super-reduced VAT, has also indicated that there are no plans for it. At least for now.

Something similar happens with fiscal equalization of diesel with gasoline or other green taxation measures. The also Government spokesperson has clarified that, to date, the only measures committed to the European Commission in terms of green taxation are the new taxes on landfills and plastics. Although that does not mean that there will not be tax increases, or decreases, in the field of fuels.

On the other hand, at the press conference held this Monday, he reported that the Government anticipates that the set of new measures against tax fraud are approved by the Congress of Deputies before the summer begins. It should be remembered that this package includes investments to have more human and technical resources in the Tax Agency, which will have 27,000 professionals in the future.

On the other hand, the Government has also presented to Brussels measures to improve public spending, especially covered by AIReF. For it, bet on keeping the spending review what the institution had been doing. In fact, the next ones will evaluate the public loans to companies and management.


During his speech, Montero has once again insisted that Spain must improve its public income. “Our country it is the seventh in the EU with the lowest income relative to its economy“, he indicated.” We are very far from the figures of countries like Germany, France or Italy“.

In any case, it has reiterated that no measures will be applied until the economy returns to the situation it was in before the pandemic and that tax improvement figures have not been committed to Brussels.

On the other hand, Montero has reiterated this Monday that the Government will comply with the decisions of the Supreme Court that obliges the Treasury to return to Castilla y León and Galicia a part of the VAT settlement of 2017 and that it will be extended to the rest of the autonomous communities when “deems it appropriate” the State Advocacy.

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