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Opinion | The woman and her glass ceiling

OPINION. “It is not fair that a woman should be only a mother and a housewife, giving up everything else,” says Dr. Nancy. | Photo: Pixabay.

REFERRER. Dr. Nancy Álvarez is extremely popular in the Latino community.

I read a long time ago about the glass ceiling that prevents women from achieving their dreams, developing as professionals, and being “someone” in the workplace besides mom and wife. But, I understood this better, in my own flesh, when I was able to earn a salary greater than that of President Obama, but which I resigned for being of integrity and defending my dignity. I lived what the books said about the famous “glass ceiling” to which society forces us. They say the rules have changed, but they haven’t.

My daughter Estefanía was two years old when I first saw the movie “Baby Boom”, with Diane Keaton, which marked my life. That is what good art should do: question ourselves, help us grow and see the things that need to be changed. This, definitely, we hardly found it today. Our generations suffer it and we live the results in today’s society. Or dirt?

Despite the fact that women have sneaked into the male space, we have not yet fully entered. The disaster of a society that is destroying men, women and children is the end result.

Let me explain: women cannot achieve their goals until this damned society understands that it is, to a large extent, the one that assumes the raising of children. It is not fair that a woman should be just a mother and a housewife, giving up everything else. Society has to be “maternalized”, so that it assumes its duty (paid for by us with high taxes) and helps in the effective care of children, after school.

That could allow mothers to stick to their work hours. The “children with keys”, who are alone in their house, would cease to exist, because otherwise they would not be able to eat. The money of a single parent is not enough. Meanwhile, some throw away millions at parties and wars, and the “pro-lifers” are still busy with unborn children, while millions are starving.

But injustice is also with men. Says Diane Keaton’s boss in the film: “For this company to make $ 200 million a year, I don’t even know how many grandchildren I have.” It advises you to understand that you cannot have “everything” in life. In a good Christian, the most important thing is money, not family, not children, and even more, not health. And in this, men lose, as well as women.

Until when will we have a world dominated by these concepts, seeing the results? This is more than women’s liberation. It is also male liberation, and the future of the world.

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