Sunday, June 20

Nine killed in Gaza, including three children, during the escalation of violence in the strip

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Nine Palestinians, including three children, have died in Gaza, as reported by the Ministry of Health, in the midst of an escalation of violence with Israel after the launch of rockets from the enclave, which reached Jerusalem, in one of the most tense days in recent years.

The Israeli Army has confirmed a number of retaliatory bombings on the strip and various targeted attacks against militiamen and targets of the Islamist movement Hamas, which de facto controls the enclave, but said “not being able to ensure that all the deaths were the result of these.”

The armed militias of the strip had given Israel an ultimatum during the tense day in Jerusalem this Monday, after which they have launched more than 45 projectiles that sounded the anti-aircraft alarms in Israeli towns bordering the strip, in Jerusalem and the Beit Shemesh area (central Israel).

Six of the projectiles were fired towards Jerusalem, of which one was intercepted, another fell in a house on the outskirts of the city and the rest in unpopulated areas.

Hit Hamas

“We have the capacity, the authority and the intention to deal a heavy blow to Hamas“, said an Army spokesman, in response to the shootings today, and advanced that he foresees that” the escalation will last a long time. “

The Israeli Army reported that has sent reinforcements to southern Israel and said he was prepared for “any scenario”, “including high intensity.

The Holy City experienced a new peak of tension since this morning when Israeli forces entered the Esplanade of the Mosques, after the eruption on Friday, where there were again heavy clashes with the Palestinians, leaving more than 300 injured this morning.

At the Damascus Gate, where riots have been concentrated throughout the week, dozens of young Palestinians gathered to prevent the passage of an ultra-nationalist Jewish march for the so-called Jerusalem Day, which was finally interrupted.

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