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Famous metro tragedy: celebrities react to terrible incident

  • Several celebrities unite for the pain of the tragedy in the Mexico subway
  • Celebrities demonstrated on social media
  • The tragedy that occurred on Mexico City’s Line 12 has impacted the entire country

Famous underground tragedy. After the tragedy that occurred on Monday night in Mexico City, where the bridge of subway line 12 collapsed and caused the wagons where several people were traveling to also fall, where around 24 deaths and 77 have been confirmed injured, several celebrities have reacted on social networks.

Through their profiles red social, different celebrities have reacted to this tragedy that has impacted the entire Aztec country, leaving their messages of condolences for the families of the people who lost their lives in this terrible event that occurred, according to various media, due to negligence.

Maribel Guardia reacts on her social network

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One of the artists who shared on her account Instagram An image of what happened in Mexico City was the actress and singer Maribel Guardia, who mentioned that she is quite sad about the tragedy that killed 24 passengers, stating that the country is in mourning.

“Very sad for the tragedy of the subway, Mexico mourns its children. Embrace of light to the survivors and the families of the victims #fuerzamexico #Dios accompanies us “, wrote the artist on her social network profile, where she obtained a large number of reactions and comments from her followers.

Reaction of Internet users

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After sharing the image on his Instagram account, users were immediately present in the comments to send their condolences: “Very, very sad with all this that has happened. May God be with you in these tough times, “wrote a netizen.

“All of Mexico we are dismayed by what happened”, “thank you Maribel for your love for Mexico”, “God bless, a big hug to the families who suffer this mishap”, “strength to the families, my condolences”, “I am very sorry for what what happened, a hug to the survivors and a lot of strength to the relatives of the deceased ”, were some of the comments.

Famous metro tragedy: Pepe Aguilar joins the reactions

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The Mexican regional singer Pepe Aguilar also left his message of pain for the tragedy on his account Twitter, where he mentions that he is willing to help as necessary, lending his profile to be able to spread any kind of help with his name.

“The situation of #MetroCDMX it has all Mexicans very sad and disappointed. I am sorry for the suffering of those involved. I want to lend my profile to spread any kind of help that is needed. Remember to use exact time to keep the information updated, “wrote the musical artist.

Famous metro tragedy: Marco Antonio Solís is present

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It was through his Twitter account where the singer Marco Antonio Solís, better known as ‘El Buki’, shared a message on his social network profile, where he takes the opportunity to send his prayers for the victims of the terrible event on Line 12 in Mexico City.

The musician wrote: “My solidarity and prayers with all the families in Mexico who have a difficult time tonight with what happened in the Mexico City subway. Prompt resignation for the families of the bereaved and rapid improvement for all the injured, ”he wrote.

Famous metro tragedy: Jacky Bracamontes regrets what happened

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Actress Jacky Bracamontes also shared a message on her social network profile, where the artist regrets what happened and sends her condolences to the families of the deceased: “I’m so sorry for what happened on Line 12 of the #MetroCDMX. My condolences to the families affected ”.

Immediately the followers commented: “Thank you for the solidarity, but we need your platforms to demand justice and jail for the corrupt people involved. It was not an accident, this could have been avoided ”,“ I hope they have the justice they deserve ”,“ my heart is hurting ”, were some of the messages.

Famous metro tragedy: Galilea Montijo and Carlos Rivera lament

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For their part, the host Galilea Montijo and the musical artist Carlos Rivera were also present on social networks; The television presenter, on her Instagram profile, uploaded a snapshot where you can see the subway cars that have fallen due to the collapse of the Line 12 bridge.

For his part, the young singer Carlos Rivera expressed solidarity on the Twitter social network with those affected by this terrible event that has paralyzed the entire country: “What happened yesterday in CDMX was terrible. My prayers with the victims and their families, ”shared the famous artist.

Famous Underground Tragedy: Actress Sherlyn Calls For Justice

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The famous artist Sherlyn made two posts on her Twitter account, where she first sends her prayers for the victims of the incident who failed to survive in this tragedy: “All love and prayers for the victims of the subway accident and their families.”

Then he made another tweet where the young woman asks for justice, since she considers that this act could have been avoided: “With a sad heart in the face of a tragedy that could have been avoided! My heart goes out to the families who today mourn their victims. Hopefully justice is done, ”Sherlyn wrote in the post. Filed Under: Famous Underground Tragedy.

Ana Brenda Contreras

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Like Pepe Aguilar, actress Ana Brenda Contreras decided to lend her name and profile to be able to get the help that is necessary and also expressed her annoyance at the corrupt politicians, and finally, she sent her condolences to the relatives of the deceased.

“My networks, activism, energy and whatever it takes is here at your disposal. My anger and helplessness are also enough of corrupt governments, people who steal everything and that the most vulnerable are always the ones who have the least and kill themselves the most while working. My solidarity with the victims and relatives of what unfortunately happened tonight in #CDMX , I’m really sorry”. Filed Under: Famous Underground Tragedy.

Tragedy in Mexico


Confirm more deaths in metro tragedy in Mexico. After a night of despair among those looking for their relatives, Mexico City woke up Tuesday wondering what could have caused the terrible tragedy that has paralyzed the entire country.

An overpass on Metro Line 12 gave way and the entire structure collapsed onto an avenue in the southeast of Mexico City. Hours earlier, the mayor of the capital, Claudia Sheinbaum, indicated during the president’s morning press conference that rescue efforts were continuing. Filed Under: Famous Underground Tragedy.

24 dead and 77 wounded

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Claudia Sheinbaum, the head of Government of Mexico City, said that it was necessary to rescue four bodies trapped in the train that split when the structure collapsed, but did not clarify whether those deaths were counted among those officially confirmed. This tragedy has caused at least 24 deaths and 77 injuries.

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