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Regional: Valérie Pécresse poses as a champion of “non-punitive ecology”

She is described as a right-wing woman, liberal at all costs? With the approach of a regional election which is played in part on environmental issues, Valérie Pécresse intends to show that she is also an environmentalist, in her own way. A champion of “The ecology of realities, the ecology of the concrete”, she pleaded, Tuesday, May 4, presenting her program in this area, as well as new allies. For this election of which she is favorite, the outgoing president of the Ile-de-France region has indeed obtained the support of the Union of centrists and ecologists (UCE) of Christophe Madrolle and that of the Independent Ecologist Movement (MEI) of ‘Antoine Waechter. These two small, center-right environmental parties will have five eligible places on its list.

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Clearly, Valérie Pécresse does not want to leave the field open to her left-wing competitors, who all promise, if they are elected, to accentuate the ecological turn in the first region of France. This is in particular the case of Julien Bayou, the boss of Europe Ecology-The Greens (EELV), who, according to some polls, could become his main opponent in the second round of the ballot. Even if right-wing voters are above all sensitive to questions of security, the health crisis or unemployment, some, especially in the center-right, are also attentive to the future of the planet and respect for nature.

“Ecology, there are those who talk about it and those who make it”, repeat Valérie Pécresse and her supporters. For them, left-wing environmentalists like Julien Bayou should be classified in the category of those who speak without acting. “Today, EELV is demonstrating an inability to govern in cities where its elected officials are in charge”, Judge Yann Wehrling, former national secretary of the Greens who moved to MoDem, and now one of Valérie Pécresse’s supporters at the regional council:

“But we cannot wait for the big night. As in Germany or Austria, we have to make pragmatic alliances and move forward step by step. “

An “ecology of solutions”

Faced with what she calls an ecology “Punitive”, “ideological”, Valérie Pécresse advocates, she, a “Solution ecology”, which is not opposed to the car, the plane, or major development projects, but “Makes them ecological”. It is by betting on ” progress ” and pedagogy, and not on constraints or prohibitions, which it considers possible to lead in 2050 to a region that is triply exemplary: “Net zero emissions” of carbon, “Zero soil artificialization”, “zero waste”.

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