Wednesday, December 1

Regional election day in Madrid: the favorite right

From 9:00 am this morning, the inhabitants of the Madrid region went to the polls. More than five million voters are called to elect this Tuesday the assembly of the region of Madrid, a ballot which speaks volumes about the national ambitions of its actors. The polls give widely the favorite, with 40% of the voting intentions, Isabel Diaz Ayuso, the right-wing president of the region. Her victory could augur, for the right, a reconquest of power at the national level. In Madrid her movement the popular party could ally with Vox, the Spanish far-right.

The polls, on the other hand, are very pessimistic for the Socialist Party, which leads the country. Here in the Madrid region, he is credited with 20% of the vote. A defeat would not call into question the retention of Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez in power, but would weaken it. Because Madrid is the richest region in Spain and the most important politically.

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