Monday, May 10

Quebec sets up an expert committee for the Eastern REM

Québec and CDPQ Infra have set up a committee of 15 people to support them in the realization of the Metropolitan Express Network (REM) from the east. In addition to the French architect Jean-Paul Viguier, this group of experts chaired by Maud Cohen, president of the CHU Sainte-Justine Foundation, will also include in its ranks the architects Ken Greenberg, from Toronto, Éric Gauthier and Éric Millette.

The committee unveiled on Tuesday will also bring together representatives from the business world, namely Christian Yaccarini, president and chief executive officer of the Société de développement Angus, Marie Elaine Farley, president and chief executive officer at Chambre de la sécurité financière, and Stéphanie Trudeau. , Executive Vice-President at Énergir.

Other committee members include urban planner Paula Negron-Poblete, professor at the School of Urban Planning and Landscape Architecture at the University of Montreal, Monique Simard, former patron of the Société de développement des cultural enterprises (SODEC), Lindsay Daudier, general manager of Fusion jeunesse, Christian Savard, general manager of Vivre en ville and Mouna Andraos, interim general manager of the Society for the technological arts (SAT). A representative of the Government of Quebec, namely Deputy Minister Frédérick Bouthillette, and a representative of the City of Montreal, Luc Gagnon, will join the group.

Internationally renowned architect, Jean-Paul Viguier is the designer of several major projects in Europe, including the French pavilion at the Seville Universal Exhibition in 1992. Ken Greenberg, for his part, is the former director of the department of urban planning of the City of Toronto and author of Toronto Reborn. Éric Gauthier, from FABG, has signed several projects, including the redevelopment of the Monument-National and the Biosphere, as well as the expansion of the Espace Go theater. As for the architect Éric Millette, he notably won the orange prize awarded by Save Montreal for the redevelopment of the Quebec Court of Appeal.

The committee’s mandate will be to make recommendations to CDPQ Infra on the entire Eastern REM project and not only on the controversial aerial section that will overhang René-Lévesque Boulevard in the city center. Committee members will be remunerated.

CDPQ Infra has also recruited the urban planning firm Lemay to carry out the architectural design of the project and will work in close collaboration with the advisory committee. The firm thus takes over from Daoust Lestage Lizotte Stecker and STGM who had slammed the door at the start of the year. The prescriptive plans produced by Lemay will be imposed on the bidders as part of the call for tenders process for the construction contract.

Despite criticism, CDPQ Infra is staying the course on the construction of an overhead REM above Boulevard René-Lévesque. Last Friday, the big boss Jean-Marc Arbaud reiterated that building the REM underground in the city center would be highly risky due to the underground presence of metro lines that intersect at different depths, century-old sewers and Highway 720. He also rejected the hybrid ground-based REM solution put forward by former Project Montreal manager Richard Bergeron.

Further details will follow.

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