Monday, May 10

Legault “does not regret” his recent remarks on immigration

Francois Legault received a hail of criticism from the National Assembly after his clumsy remarks before the Conseil du patronat (CPQ) made headlines.

Still, “I don’t regret what I said,” the Prime Minister said in question period on Tuesday.

The opposition spent most of the day denouncing Mr. Legault’s statement that “every time I come home to an immigrant who earns less than $ 56,000, I make my problem worse.”

This phrase was spoken during a 45-minute virtual meeting with business people last Friday; the content of the conversation was unveiled Monday by Radio-Canada.

Rising in the House on Tuesday, MP Ruba Ghazal of Solidarity Quebec (QS), asked Mr. Legault if he meant by that that there were “good” and “bad” immigrants. She said she addressed her question to the Prime Minister “as an immigrant”.

“I was deeply hurt by the words of the Premier of Quebec,” she began.

“I worked for a long time in factories, and what I heard from him reminded me of the way we talk about products on assembly lines. Immigrants are not objects, much less numbers. They are human beings, ”she added.

The member for Mercier testified that her parents arrived in Quebec without “beautiful jobs at $ 56,000 ”, but that today, their daughter is proud to be a Member of the National Assembly. Obviously, at the time, the Ghazal family would have been a “problem” for the Prime Minister, launched the elected.

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