Monday, May 10

In recent months, thousands of travelers with COVID-19 have arrived at Canadian airports | The Canadian News

Rodrigo Diaz M.

More than 5,000 people have tested positive for COVID-19 after flying back to Canada since mandatory quarantine began at federally designated hotels in late February, the vast majority having arrived at Toronto Pearson International Airport .

The figure includes 3,748 people who tested positive on the day of their return to the country, despite having tested negative in the mandatory COVID-19 test performed no more than three days before boarding their flight to Canada.

Forty percent of those people were infected with one of the three virus variants or mutations currently plaguing Canada.

Another 1,411 people tested positive for the required test 10 days after their return, during quarantine at designated hotels.

Most of the passengers infected with COVID-19 have arrived at Pearson Airport.

The data is current as of last Thursday, and the number of confirmed variants among travelers triples the data reported last week, as more test results have been sent to the Public Health Agency of Canada.

According to updated data, around 1.5% of arriving travelers test positive the day they land in the country.

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