Monday, May 10

Gabilondo obtains the worst result of the PSOE and is surpassed by More Madrid: “We did not expect it”

The desolation and long faces in Ferraz were evident this Tuesday when it appeared on the scene Angel Gabilondo. The applause – not enthusiastic – could not make up a scene in which disappointment was easily sensed. And it is not for less: PSOE has just reaped its worst historical result in an election to the Community of Madrid: a 16,87% of the votes that translates into 24 seats.

“We didn’t expect it”, has admitted the socialist candidate, who has been surpassed for More Madrid, as advanced by EL ESPAÑOL through the SocioMétrica survey. Mónioca García has obtained 3,000 more votes than the Socialist candidate and has already become the majority party of the left in the region.

With these results, the PSOE considerably worsens the data of its worst elections, which until this Tuesday were those of 2015, when Ángel Gabilondo himself obtained a 25,43% of the votes and 37 seats, 14 more than now. They were the first Madrid elections that Podemos joined.

There are several reasons that explain the crash. In the first place, a strongly fragmented left-wing bloc. Second, a socialist campaign marked by the lurching of its candidate.

Lurching campaign

The electoral debacle could be explained by the inconsistency of Ángel Gabilondo’s campaign, which has been plagued by lurching. The socialist candidate began his campaign by appealing to “moderation” in order to capture the vote of the disenchanted Citizens. In addition, he promised not to raise taxes until at least 2023 and to veto United Podemos from a hypothetical leftist executive – “with this Pablo, no” -.

Seeing that the liberal exodus was to be capitalized by Isabel Diaz AyusoGabilondo radically changed his discourse in a desperate attempt to maintain hegemony on the left. Such a turn was consummated in the electoral debate of Telemadrid: “Pablo, we have twelve days to win.”

And so there were tough rallies against “the extreme right” that Ayuso represented in his argument, whom he came to equate with Donald Trump and Jair Bolsonaro. The “government of Colón” – referring to a hypothetical pact of PP and Vox – would suppose “an epigone of the forms and ideas of Trump and Bolsonaro, of denialism, of the parental pin, of demagoguery and inequality”. The “bland, serious and formal” candidate had vanished.

Not even the campaign of the left, taking advantage of the death threats received to propose the dichotomy “fascism or freedom”, could not mask the inconsistencies of the campaign. For posterity remains the image of Maria Reyes Maroto, current Minister of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, posing with a photograph of the knife with which she was threatened. A perfect portrait of an electoralist use that did not catch on.

What happened this Tuesday is the definitive step on the path taken by Más Madrid to become the hegemonic force of the autonomous left. He was already in the City Council, leading the opposition to Jose Luis Martinez-Almeida. Now, with a growth based on the loss of votes of the PSOE, it has already consummated the overtaking.

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