Sunday, June 20

Edmundo Bal: “This game is very much alive and is more necessary than ever”

The Citizens’ candidate for the elections of the Community of Madrid, Edmundo Bal, has asked voters this Tuesday to go to the polls to have “the highest participation in history” in regional elections, and has ensured that their formation is a party “very alive” and “more necessary than ever”.

Bal has exercised his right to vote, amid applause from members and attorneys-in-fact, at around 10 a.m. at the Alfredo Krauss cultural center, in the Fuencarral-El Pardo district, after queuing in these pandemic elections that were beginning to form before the polls open, at 9.00 am.

“The day has come, and the first thing I want to tell you is the satisfaction of seeing my polling station full of people, with a queue from early in the morning, with people who want to fulfill that civic duty that is to opt for one or another electoral option in such important elections, “the candidate later commented to the media.

After thanking the proxies from “all of Spain” and the members of the polling stations for their work, Bal has said that the general feeling is that of “being before a truly historic day” and has asked “all Madrilenians” to vote not to regret tomorrow.

“Polls say there is going to be a historical participation and this is a very good thing, that the Madrilenians are aware of this very important moment in which we find ourselves (…). I would like all Madrilenians who are listening to us to ask them to exercise their right and that today we have the highest participation in history in elections to the Community of Madrid “, he appealed.

After a campaign that has been an “amazing” experience and in which Ciudadanos has “demonstrated illusion” and “cohesion”, Bal has affirmed that his party leaves “very reinforced”.

“The feeling I have from these elections is that this party is very, very, very alive. This game is more necessary than ever. In this polarized Spain we have given an example of education, of knowing how to campaign without insults “, he added.

And he stressed: “It seems to me that what is going to come out of this campaign is a Citizens fully reinforced, looking to the future and everyone around the leadership of Inés Arrimadas “.

Regarding the surveys that have mostly left the formation out of the Assembly, he has insisted that the last internal polls of the party did give them representation, and he has also reiterated the “offer” to the president and candidate of the PP, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, from complete the coalition government until 2023.

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