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Chronicle Mario hitting women is now behind bars and will pay dearly

  • Chronicle: Mario liked to hit women
  • He hit one of his victims in the butt with a 2 × 4 stick
  • The Hispanic will spend the rest of his life in prison for taking her as a “macho”

Chronicle Mario hitting women. There are many men who never learned how to treat a woman. And most of them unfortunately are still out there like nothing, abusing their strength and mistreating either verbally or physically their partners and friends and even unknown ladies, like the cavemen we see in the movies.

Mario Ángel González is one of them, or at least he was, assuming that he learned his lesson after the punishment he received after mistreating not only one, but at least two women, one of whom unfortunately no longer She lives to tell it and the one who does, it is almost certain that she will never be able to forget what Mario did to her.

He hit him with a 2 × 4 log: Chronicle Mario hitting women

Mario Ángel González, 25, was sentenced to life imprisonment (Photo: Laredo Police Department)

And it is that Mario kindly offered to give a ‘raite’ to a girl he knew and who usually paid for a taxi to be transported from one place to another, since she did not have a vehicle. She took the ride to save a few bucks unaware that the intentions behind her neighbor’s favor were far from healthy.

And it is that, halfway, Mario deviated from the route and got into a dead end. When she questioned him, he tried to kiss her, but the victim resisted and got out of the GMC truck they were traveling in. Seeing that she was trying to walk away, Mario took a 2 × 4 stick that was walking in the back and hitting her in the back with it, he pushed her up again by force.

After submitting her, he sexually abused her: Chronicle Mario hitting women

MH file

Court records indicate that once above the car, Mario undressed her to abuse her. After committing the outrage, once satisfied, he changed his behavior and until then began to behave in a more cordial way, to the point that he even offered to take her to eat wherever she wanted.

The woman, completely hurt by what happened, only asked him to take her to a nearby gas station because she was urinating. Mario agreed and she got out while he waited for her in the truck. Once inside the gas station, the victim called 911 to report what happened.

When he was cornered, Mario resisted: Chronicle Mario hitting women

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Durham County Sheriff

According to the police report, several patrols from the city of Laredo (Texas) to investigate what happened. Upon seeing the uniformed men, the woman came out and without hesitation, pointed to Mario as her attacker. The officers tried to stop him and he had the courage to confront them, for which he was electrocuted with taser weapons.

They finally managed to subdue and arrest him on charges of sexual assault and battery against a law enforcement officer. But what do you think? Despite the seriousness of the charges, he was released after the payment of a bail and the very shameless, instead of taking advantage of that second opportunity they gave him, went back to doing his thing. Filed Under: Mario Chronicle Hitting Women

He killed a young girl of just 16 years

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Lesly Sánchez, 16, went out for a run full of confidence and met her death. (Photo: courtesy of the Sánchez Family)

And it is that just a few months later, while he was awaiting trial for the abuse and beating he gave his neighbor, he committed another crime even worse. On this occasion, he intercepted a 16-year-old girl who was walking in a wooded area with a knife in hand, he tried to abuse her, but she defended herself as best she could.

As she resisted, Mario stabbed her several times and left her dead there lying between the leaves, as if she had been hunting prey. When time passed and she did not appear, the minor’s relatives began looking for her and her phone tracker took them to the horrendous crime scene, for which they notified the local authorities. Filed Under: Mario Chronicle Hitting Women

His very DNA gave him away

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MH file

After identifying the body of Lesley Sánchez, investigators began looking for the person responsible for the crime. It didn’t take long for them to suspect Mario, as they found traces of DNA on the corpse pointing towards him. After searching the defendant’s home, they found some clothes that appeared to contain traces of blood.

After examining the new evidence, they determined that they belonged to the victim, for which Mario was apprehended on the spot and charged with the heinous murder. The Prosecutor’s Office managed to prove his guilt and this time, the judge sentenced him to life imprisonment. Fortunately, he won’t hurt another woman around him again. I hope your case serves as an example to justice that it is not always advisable to let individuals accused of serious crimes go out. If Mario had been in jail for the first crime he was charged with, Lesley would still be alive. Thank you for reading my chronicle today in MundoHispánico. Until next time. Filed Under: Mario Chronicle Hitting Women

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