Wednesday, August 4

Ángel Gabilondo encourages voting “with conviction” this 4-M: “Madrid has many things at stake”

The PSOE candidate for the Presidency of the Community of Madrid, Angel Gabilondo, on May 4, has encouraged citizens to vote “with conviction” in the May 4 elections, a day that it describes as “the celebration of democracy.”

This was expressed by Gabilondo in statements to journalists after voting at the Joaquín Turina School, in the Pinar de Chamartín neighborhood. He has rigorously waited for the queue to vote for 45 minutes, where he has not stopped asking that, please, the free passage be left for the rest of the citizens before the media expectation.

“I thank all those who are making it possible for this to be the celebration of democracy and, as a citizen, thank them for making this effort,” Gabilondo said, while encouraging people from Madrid to participate “explicitly”.

Ángel Gabilondo after voting for the 4M: “Madrid has many things at stake”

In line, he has insisted that they fill the polls with “their democratic convictions” and that they are going to do so with “enthusiasm, because the Community” plays a lot of things whenever there is an election.

[Siga en directo la última hora de las elecciones de Madrid del 4-M]

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