Thursday, June 17

The image of the Post Office scanner leaves Vox without arguments and puts him against the ropes

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Correos has sent a letter to the company to which it has been awarded its security, INV Vigilancia, to announce the opening of an investigation by virtue of what is determined in section 9.2 of the Specific Technical Specifications where it is indicated that “the winning company must to ensure that the personnel who participate in the correspondence inspection services have adequate training in their use, and that their attitude is consistent with the development of the activity ”.

The letter sent by the Post Office, and to which EL ESPAÑOL has had access, is signed by Javier Pumares Puertas, head of the company’s Security Area. And it is accompanied by the frame of the moment in which the three envelopes with bullets They went through the scanner (the envelopes were directed against the candidate of United We Can to the Community of Madrid, Pablo Iglesias, the Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande Marlaska, the director of the Civil Guard, María Gámez).

This image leaves Rocío Monasterio and Santiago Abascal completely without arguments, that these days have questioned the veracity of these threats. The Vox candidate for the Community of Madrid, in an interview with RNE last Friday, said the following: “I condemn all violence, but we Spaniards no longer believe anything from the Government. (…) About Pablo Iglesias I I think little, every time we see something he says we question it, he has deceived us “.

That same day, during the debate between the candidates for the Presidency of the Community of Madrid organized by the string Ser, Pablo Iglesias, exploded against Vox and decided to leave the studio after Monasterio once again questioned the death threats he had received. The debate continued for about an hour but, in the second half, Ángel Gabilondo and Mónica García decided to leave the set and at that moment the debate was concluded.

On that occasion, while Iglesias was getting up, Monastery continued with his speech: “I’m glad you’re leaving, which is what many Spaniards want. It is where you need to be. Off this set and out of politics. “In the row that the Vox candidate likes to keep.

That same Friday, during a rally in Parla, the president of the far-right party, Santiago Abascal, assured that he condemned “all the violence” but that the “alleged threats” against Pablo Iglesias “stink of montage”, which is why he announced that Vox he had reported to the courts so that the matter was investigated “to the end”.

Abascal also pointed out at that rally that the “alpha male”, alluding to Iglesias, he does not like “that a woman opposes him” And, in his opinion, today (last Friday) he has shown it in the debate, “because Rocío Monasterio has cut off both his ears and his bow” and has fled “with his tail between his legs.”

Now Correos has made public the images of the envelopes with the bullets inside them as they pass through the scanner, evident proof that those envelopes were sent by someone. And, as Correos denounces, that there was a negligence of surveillance and security.

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  • Me Again

    This is crap. It is a fake picture. The system didn’t set the alarm because it never went through as said. It is a fake news set up from the Spanish Government.

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