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Nebraska shooting: In the middle of Saturday a shooting breaks out in a mall

  • Authorities report two people in serious condition
  • The suspects fled the scene
  • This attack is recorded a few days after a man shot 8 people

Once again, violent acts are registered in the United States. At least two people were injured this Saturday, one of them in serious condition, in a shooting at a shopping center in Omaha, in the state of Nebraska, authorities said.

As reported by the EFE news agency, the Omaha Police Department indicated on its Twitter account that the event took place in Westroads Mall and that “the suspects” fled, without offering further details on who was responsible for the attack.

Nebraska shooting: Suspects escape scene

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In statements to the press, the spokesman for the local police, Neal Bonacci, explained that the surveillance cameras of the shopping center captured two suspects fleeing the place. Investigators are now conducting inquiries to find out their identities and capture them.

Local media stressed that the incident occurred at around 1:15 pm local time (6:15 pm GMT). This event is recorded after at least eight people lost their lives on Thursday night, after an armed man opened fire indiscriminately in a stock of the postal service company FedEX in Indianapolis (Indiana), before committing suicide by shooting himself.

Nebraska shooting: wounded taken to hospital

Two Injured in Nebraska Mall Shooting
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About the shooting in Nebraska this Saturday, according to the CNN portal, a victim was taken to the hospital with serious injuries, said the public information officer of the Omaha police, Joseph Nickerson, in a statement. A second victim suffered a serious but not life-threatening leg injury, Lt. Neal Bonacci said during a news conference.

Security footage showed two suspects fleeing the mall. Investigators are still looking for them and working to identify them, according to Bonacci. The mall will be closed for the rest of the day while the investigation is carried out, he said. Filed Under: Nebraska Shooting

Nebraska Shooting: Speak Up for New Legislation

Two Injured in Nebraska Mall Shooting
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Yesterday Friday, many Democrats raised their voices to urge the Senate to pass new legislation.
Specifically, they were referring to a proposal that has already received the green light from the Lower House and that would allow expanding the verification of the criminal records of buyers in transactions between individuals.

The president of the country himself, Joe Biden, demanded that the Senate in a statement reinforce the control of firearms and stop “accepting” a type of violence that “has become something too normal” and causes 106 fatalities to the Day in USA Filed Under: Nebraska Shooting

Nebraska Shooting: “Gun Violence is America’s Epidemic”

Two Injured in Nebraska Mall Shooting
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“Armed violence is an epidemic in the United States, but we must not accept it, we must act,” urged the President of the United States, Joe Biden, before the Senate, after speaking out about the most recent violent events in the country.

It is practically impossible for legislative measures for greater control of this type of weapon to go through in the Senate, where the Democrats – the president’s party – have such a narrow majority that they would need to convince at least 10 Republicans to pass them. Filed Under: Nebraska Shooting

Nebraska Shooting: The Indianapolis Warehouse Facts

Two Injured in Nebraska Mall Shooting
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At least eight people were shot and killed Thursday night during a shooting at a warehouse of the postal services company FedEx in Indianapolis. In addition to the eight killed in the attack, the perpetrator appears to have committed suicide, according to police.

Dozens more people were injured in the shooting near the Indianapolis International Airport, said a police spokeswoman, Genae Cook. He said the attack occurred shortly after 11 p.m. local time at a FedEx warehouse near the Indianapolis airport where 4,500 people work. Filed Under: Nebraska Shooting

In Indiana 8 deaths were reported

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When they arrived on the scene, officers stumbled upon the scene of an active shooting, Cook said. At least ten people were hospitalized, of which one had a dire prognosis. Two other wounded were discharged after being treated at the scene of the shooting, Cook added.

The assailant in the Indiana shooting was not immediately identified and investigators were conducting interviews and gathering information. According to Cook, it is too early to determine if the shooter was a known employee of the shipping company, according to The Associated Press. Filed Under: Nebraska Shooting

They cared for 60 injured

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Reporter Matthew Keys, citing a law enforcement source, said on Twitter that up to 60 people received care for injuries following the shooting, Newsweek reported.

“A law enforcement source clarifies that 60 people were evaluated for injuries, 20 treated for injuries, including some for gunshot wounds, after a mass shooting at the FedEx facility in Indianapolis. 10 taken to hospitals. 8 dead. Filed Under: Nebraska Shooting

Injured on and off the premises


When police officers arrived on the scene, they found victims both inside and outside the warehouse. The suspect later committed suicide, according to the authorities who came to answer the call for help.

“We are still trying to find out the exact reason and cause of this incident,” the spokeswoman said. FedEx explained in a statement that it is collaborating with the authorities and that it is seeking more information about the incident where eight people lost their lives. Filed Under: Nebraska Shooting

The suspect in the shooting has not been identified.


“We are deeply shocked and saddened by the loss of our team members after the tragic shooting at our FedEx Ground facility in Indianapolis,” said the statement in which the violent events spoke.

“Our condolences go out to all those affected by this senseless act of violence. The safety of our team members is our highest priority and we are cooperating fully with the investigating authorities, ”the company said. Filed Under: Nebraska Shooting

Anguished relatives

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Relatives of the victims were waiting for news of their loved ones at a hotel in the area. Some said that employees are not allowed to have cell phones during their work shift, which made it difficult to contact them, reported WTHR-TV.

A live broadcast from local media showed that the parking lot outside the building was cordoned off with police tape. A witness who said he worked at the FedEx facility in Indiana told WISH-TV that he saw a man with a gun after hearing multiple shots. Filed Under: Nebraska Shooting

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