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100,000 deaths from Covid-19 in France: will we ensure that the next world no longer allows such a tragedy?

Analysis. Why get attached, like a fetish, to a date or a number, when a disaster has been unfolding, day after day, death after death, for more than a year?

At least 100,000 people have died from Covid-19 in France. Paradoxically, to state the enormity of this figure is first of all to underline, as the epidemiologist Dominique Costagliola repeats, whose numbers are the profession, that behind them, ” There are some people “. That the routine of daily check-ups, powerful and morbid hypnotic, should not numb us to the human tragedies they cover: a being who is dying – even old, even fragile, even fat, are we tempted to recall in the face of cynicism that sometimes emerges – it’s a grieving family and loved ones, a failed medical team, a memory and a promise that disappear.

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Note that 100,000 people have died here is to wonder about the origin of this planetary disaster: a virus, an inanimate particle, emerges in Asia, and each of our lives is held hostage. Whether SARS-CoV-2 has a “natural” origin and reached us due to undue promiscuity with bats, or whether it “leaked” from a laboratory, the conclusion is not so. different: becoming master and possessor of nature implies responsibilities, which should be fully embraced – be it climate, biodiversity, or a microscopic agent.

Arrogance and “French genius”

To stress that 100,000 people died in France is to wonder if it could have been otherwise. As of April 12, according to data from Johns Hopkins University, reported to the population, the cumulative mortality from Covid-19 in our country is 8% higher than that of Sweden, while those of Brazil, the United States and of the United Kingdom are respectively 14%, 16% and 28% higher. But it is 55% stronger here than in Germany, Australians are proportionally forty times less dead from Covid-19 than the French, and New Zealanders 270 times less …

Does the arrogance that some people attribute to us have any basis? When the “French genius” watched Italy struggle with the virus, at the start of 2020, as if it were a country with health problems. When we did the same a year later, facing the United Kingdom confronted with its variant, without drawing more lessons for ourselves.

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