Monday, May 10

Two vaccination points in Scarborough are forced to cancel some 10,000 appointments | The Canadian News

Rodrigo Diaz M.

The Scarborough Health Network (SHN) says two of its mass vaccination clinics are closed due to a lack of supply of the COVID-19 vaccine, forcing about 10,000 appointments to be canceled.

The closure is effective from today, Wednesday, April 14, until next Monday, April 19 and affects the Centennial College and Centenary Hospital clinics.

The hospital network said the closure will affect about 2,000 vaccination appointments a day for each day the two vaccination points are closed.

“Scarborough continues to grapple with the incomprehensible disparity in vaccine distribution for Canada’s most diverse communities and one of Ontario’s most critical hotspots,” said Maureen Adamson, SHN Chairman of the Board.

“Scarborough is the backbone of Toronto,” Adamson continued. “Our people are the essential workers that keep Ontario running. Our hospitals are registering the highest rate of admissions for COVID-19 throughout this pandemic and the positivity rate in Scarborough has reached 24%, underscoring the need for a serious increase in vaccination supplies. “

Adamson explained that the Scarborough Health Network has so far vaccinated more than 90,000 people. Vaccinations are expected to resume once the supply is available.

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