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Frida Sofía Lucía Méndez announces premiere interview program

  • Lucía Méndez dabbles in talk shows on her YouTube channel
  • The Mexican singer and actress will have as the first guest Frida Sofía, daughter of Alejandra Guzmán and who accused her grandfather, Enrique Guzmán, of having groped her when she was 5 years old
  • “Would you have liked to be born into another family?” He asked the young woman in a preview of the program that will premiere tomorrow.

In what seems to be a new bombshell, the Mexican singer and actress Lucía Méndez announces an interview with Frida Sofía, Alejandra Guzmán’s daughter and who accused her grandfather, Enrique Guzmán, of having groped her when she was 5 years old, at the premiere of his programme.

Through its official channel YouTube, where the date has more than 90 thousand subscribers, Lucía Méndez presented a preview of what will be seen starting tomorrow at two in the afternoon, Mexico City time, and where Frida Sofía will tell her truth.

“This happens to a lot of people,” Frida Sofía confessed to Lucía Méndez

Photo YouTube Lucía Méndez

With a serious face, Alejandra Guzmán’s daughter can be seen saying that she will always “lend a hand” and that she would never leave someone alone or alone: ​​“Do not be afraid to tell the truth because behind closed doors it is another story and I I think this happens to a lot of people, not just me ”.

In this same video, Frida Sofía confessed to Lucía Méndez that her father, Pablo Moctezuma, was not present in her life, but that he did not “blame him”, besides that he hates asking for money: “I think that is a of the things that people don’t know about me ”(TO SEE THE VIDEO, CLICK HERE).

“It almost collapsed me”: Frida Sofía

Lucía Méndez announces interview with Frida Sofía at the premiere of her program
Photo YouTube Lucía Méndez

“All the controversy that happened almost collapsed me,” Frida Sofía told Lucía Méndez, who replied that she started to cry, since she wondered what good it was for her to have everything she has if she doesn’t have “her” (his mother) nor his father.

In what appears to be a program of mutual confessions, Lucía Méndez revealed to Frida Sofía that she was very sorry and that if she did not think that something could happen one day for which she could repent, to which the young woman responded that she was very hurt.

Lucía Méndez sent a message to Alejandra Guzmán

Lucía Méndez announces interview with Frida Sofía at the premiere of her program
Photo YouTube Lucía Méndez

“I could also tell Alejandra that life is not bought, that life is not assured, that there are mistakes that one makes,” said Lucía Méndez, who was later questioned by Frida Sofía that if she remembered “those of before ”, when she looked like a viper, referring to her look in the telenovela The Strange Return of Diana Salazar.

Already calmer, Frida Sofía presented her pet to the singer and actress, who did not want to be left behind and put a friendly dog ​​on camera. “I’ve already gone to jail, I’ve already left; I’m in full action, I turn around and the cab … is with the cell phone recording me,” revealed the young woman, who was also questioned as to whether she would have liked to be born in another family.

“Thank you for supporting Frida Sofía”

Lucía Méndez announces interview with Frida Sofía at the premiere of her program
Photo YouTube Lucía Méndez

After this preview of Lucía Méndez’s new program was presented, and in which Frida Sofía will be a guest, users did not let much time pass to express their points of view: “It’s nice to see Mexican women supporting today’s young women. Lucía Méndez beautiful, thank you for supporting Frida Sofía ”.

“Lucía, the questions you have asked Frida Sofía are very important, they are very good questions, with a lot of truth and sincerity and they needed to be asked. You have helped him a lot with those questions at least to reflect, what a pity about this family, right? Wow, but congratulations on this interview ”, expressed another netizen.

“What have I done to him?”

Lucía Méndez announces interview with Frida Sofía at the premiere of her program
Photo YouTube Lucía Méndez

But that would not be all, since in another preview that Lucía Méndez shared on her YouTube channel, Frida Sofía shared that it is not about who is looking for whom (referring to herself and her mother, Alejandra Guzmán), but rather to lower your head and ask for forgiveness.

“The truth is, what have I done to her? I don’t know, “said the young woman in this preview of the interview, which promises to reveal significant details of her relationship with the Guzmán Family, especially with her mother and with her grandfather, Enrique Guzmán (TO SEE THE VIDEO CLICK HERE).

Lucía Méndez would have slapped Enrique Guzmán

Lucía Méndez announces interview with Frida Sofía at the premiere of her program
Photo: Mezcalent

In social networks, a video has gone viral where Enrique Guzmán is seen touching Verónica Castro’s breasts in the program Mala Noche no, that Cristian Castro’s mother drove in the past and before this, Lucía Méndez assured that she did not she would have been as calm as her colleague did.

During the presentation of the new art room in the La Doña Museum Hall, the actress of The Strange Return of Diana Salazar spoke out against any type of abuse and commented that if the same thing had happened to her that Vero would not It would have mattered to be on the air in front of thousands of people and I could be quiet for the interpreter of My heart sings and Little Payasito.

“I would have given him a cahcetada”

Photo: Mezcalent

“I would have slapped him, even if it was live,” he accepted. “If it had happened to me, it was Enrique Guzmán or whoever it was, I would give him a slap,” he said. In the video, you can see Verónica Castro interviewing Alejandra Guzmán’s father sitting in an armchair, he with a guitar in hand dressed in a black suit, white shirt and red tie, joking with his partner.

Veronica Castro, who was wearing a taped white dress, smiled at the chatter, until the former Teen Tops vocalist reached out, as if distracted, and touched her breasts. The reaction of the Rosa Salvaje actress was only to get away from him, but she remained seated

Lucía Méndez wants Frida Sofía to heal her soul

Photo: Mezcalent

After Frida Sofía, daughter of the singer Alejandra Guzmán, denounced sexual abuse by her grandfather, Enrique Guzmán, Lucía Méndez, who said she was a friend of the family, wished that all these problems that the 29-year-old has could be fix with some suitable therapy.

The singer of Corazón de piedra expressed that Enrique was always very respectful with her professionally, however, revealed that she also suffered psychological abuse from a person and that at some point in her life a guy touched her.

“We all have been unfortunate”

Photo: Mezcalent

“Me, an abuse, no! I half kill him. Yes, there was psychological abuse at some point in my life, that I overcome it with therapy, but I did have an unfortunate person, of course we have all had an unfortunate person and we have to overcome it, but mistreatment and abuse, no “, said Lucía Mendez.

Finally, he expressed his affection for the family headed by Silvia Pinal and hoped that she will soon overcome any difficult situation that she is going through: “I love Frida Sofía very much, I love Alejandra very much, I love Pinal and in some way I just want is that he heals his soul ”.

Frida Sofía is “a very talented girl”

Photo: Mezcalent

“That she really has a good treatment, whatever happened, which is hard, but that she has a treatment, have adequate therapy because the truth is that she is a very talented girl, a very clear girl, she always says what she feels and that sometimes brings many problems, ”Lucía Méndez expressed about Frida Sofía (With information from Agencia El Universal).

For now, we will have to wait for the premiere of the interview program of the singer and actress Lucía Méndez on her YouTube channel, where Frida Sofía will be a guest, via zoom, who still has a lot to say about her family.

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