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Valentín Elizalde uncensored photos of the murder of the singer

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  • The photos of the murder of Valentín Elizalde
  • The Mexican singer was assassinated on November 25, 2006
  • On the day of his death, the singer Valentín Elizalde was accompanied by his cousin

Valentin Elizalde uncensored photos. Almost 15 years after his departure, Valentín Elizalde continues to generate a lot of interest among his fans, his musical legacy remains alive but also the unknowns about the day he was murdered that November 25, 2006 when leaving a palenque in Reynosa.

The news hit the middle of the show and his followers got up with the shocking photographs that confirmed that the so-called “Golden Rooster” had been killed at the end of one of his presentations at a palenque in the city of Reynosa, Tamaulipas. To see the strong images click here

Valentín Elizalde uncensored photos of his murder

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According to reports of the attack in the early morning of November 25, 2006, when Valentin Elizalde left the palenque, he boarded a truck accompanied by his representative Mario Mendoza, who also lost his life. About 60 shots received the unit where the singer and his manager were traveling. To see the images you can click here

Valentín Elizalde and Mario Mendoza lost their lives in the place. That day, Tano Elizalde, the singer’s cousin, was with them, who has assured in several interviews that at the time of the attack he was lying in the truck, because he had felt bad. Tano was the only survivor of the attack.

Valentín Elizalde uncensored photos of his murder

These were the words that Valentín Elizalde heard before he died
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On the 12th anniversary of Valentín Elizalde, his cousin Tano made a controversial confession. The leader of the band La Guasaveña de Valentín Elizalde, published a controversial video on his social networks, where he revealed what the singer of Vete ya said.

According to the information provided by the website El blog de Narco, as every year Tano uploaded a few words to his Instagram account to remember the tragic day on which Valentín Elizalde lost his life, but what he published that day left more than one with open mouth.

What did Tano Elizalde say to Valentín?

These were the words that Valentín Elizalde heard before he died
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According to information gathered by El Blog del Narco and, Valentín Elizalde’s cousin released the last words the singer heard before taking his last breath. In the message Tano indicates that she held “The Golden Rooster” in her arms before she died.

Tano Elizalde public that: “the seconds I had you in my arms before leaving this world, I know that one day we will be together forever, I know that you heard my words of despair when I yelled at you:“ Don’t go, don’t leave me ”.

Valentín Elizalde uncensored photos: “You live in me”

These were the words that Valentín Elizalde heard before he died
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Tano Elizalde also recalled that Valentín Elizalde complained at the time of his death and assured that he still remembers him: “You took a part of my heart, I would have given everything for you and you know it. I love you, I miss you, I will love you forever, you live in me ”.

The networks of Tano, guasavenaoficial, were very active in those years, however, after the scandal that broke out in 2020 after the statements that his ex-wife Marisol Castro gave about him to the Ventaneando program and that were confirmed by the brothers and the mother for Valentín Elizalde, no new information has been uploaded.

Valentín Elizalde uncensored photos: It takes ‘juice’

These were the words that Valentín Elizalde heard before he died
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After the death of Valentín Elizalde, his cousin Tano continued with his legacy, as he said on social networks and in the interviews he provided in the media, where he always stood as the person closest to the interpreter of The Most Desired.

For many years Tano Elizalde used her relationship with Valentín to boost her career and even released a tribute album, in addition to the song Te de piel a mi piel, which she promoted in various programs in Mexico City and in the interior of Mexico. the Republic.

Valentín Elizalde uncensored photos: His family

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But Tano Elizalde’s hot streak will come to an end. It was in 2020 that his wife Marysol Castro spoke for the Ventaneando show program and denied many of the versions that Valentín Elizalde’s cousin had given about the night of his murder.

The ex-partner of the musician also revealed that Tano had an affair with the only wife of Valentín Elizalde and who serves as executor of the singer’s inheritance who lost his life at 27 years of age when he was attacked when leaving a palenque.

Betrayal within the Elizalde family

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The statements of the family of Valentín Elizalde caused the series and the documentary that Tano had planned to launch that year to collapse, because in addition Jesús “El flaco” Elizalde, brother, and Mrs. Camila Valencia, Valentín’s mother, assured that they did not they approved the project.

But the statement of the mother and the brother of Valentín, was not only due to the dissatisfaction of the singer’s series, they also spoke about Tano’s alleged affair with Gabriela Sabag, legitimate wife of “El gallo de oro” and executor of his fortune.

The controversial statements that target Tano Elizalde

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Marysol Castro, Tano’s wife, recalled with Ventaneando details of the day of the murder of Valentín Elizalde: “That day, Tano was very nervous, extremely nervous, he did not want to go, many times he told me that he did not want to go. He said that Mario (Mendoza) had taken that date, that he did not know why he had taken that date ”.

Castro commented that, from the brothers of Valentín Elizalde, he found out later that Tano had taken that date: “His nervousness, because I don’t understand it,” said Marysol, who also said that that date was already set aside to appear in another place, but At Tano’s insistence, they decided to cancel it and go to Reynosa, Tamaulipas.

He stays with the wife of Valentín Elizalde

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When asked how much time in advance Tano notified Valentín Elizalde of the date change, Marysol said: “It was about two weeks that Tijuana canceled to perform in Reynosa. Tano always held Mario responsible, he being the one who seized the date, but then Mario was no longer there to defend himself ”.

In this interview, Marysol Castro also revealed that Tano had a sentimental relationship with Gabriela Sabag, Valentín Elizalde’s only legitimate wife, and that this relationship had begun when he contacted her to make the series, which was canceled after the scandal that unleashed said relationship. .

Cousin of Valentín Elizalde continues to deny accusations

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In May of last year, Tano Elizalde spoke with Ventaneando about the accusations that weighed on him, said interview, according to the program, was recorded because he did not agree to speak with them live, so they had to send him the questions.

The cousin of Valentín Elizalde denied all the accusations made by his still wife, what he did not deny was that he was in love, although he did not say the name of Grabriela Sabag. What caught the attention of the video is that Tano talks about him in the third person. WATCH VIDEO HERE

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