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Speed ​​was involved in Tiger Woods road accident

Authorities said Tiger Woods was exceeding the speed limit when his sport utility vehicle overturned in Southern California just under two months ago, resulting in serious injuries to the star golfer.

Woods was traveling at a speed of between 135 and 140 km / h on a road in the suburbs of Los Angeles that had a speed limit of 70 km / h, Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva said Wednesday.

This road, one section of which follows a downward slope, is known to cause many accidents. Moreover, motorists can reach such speeds that an emergency exit has been arranged for those who lose control, just after the site of the Woods accident.

Villanueva believes excessive speed is responsible for the crash on February 23, as well as Woods’ loss of control while driving his SUV.

Investigators did not demand a warrant to obtain a blood sample from Woods, which could have been used to detect the presence of drugs or alcohol. However, investigators analyzed the vehicle’s black box a few days after the accident.

Woods is currently in Florida, where he is recovering from numerous surgeries.

Woods, who grew up in the Los Angeles area, was back there in February to host a PGA tournament – the Genesis Invitational Tournament – at the Riviera Country Club.

He was driving the SUV on loan from the tournament when he hit a curb in the middle of the road. The SUV crossed the tracks in the opposite direction before rolling over and coming to an end near a tree.

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