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Pepe Reina and Soldier charge against Echenique for the riots in Vallecas: “Miserable!”

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Roberto Soldado and Pepe Reina have starred in a message crossing with Pablo Echenique on social media. The spokesperson for United we can in the Congress of Deputies, in one of his messages, he criticized the rally that Vox had organized in Vallecas and that ended with police intervention before the assaults from various radical groups both to assistants and to the police forces.

Today some posh have gone to Vallecas to try to provoke to the neighbors with bravado. They have peacefully reminded them of how little love their boss has for work and he has come after them to cause a burden. Tomorrow the TV will lie to you and tell you that it was the other way around, “wrote Pablo Echenique in his official account

Soldier, an hour later, I answered bluntly: “Here the only one who provokes and tells lies is you, MISERABLE!!! “The comment did not take long to generate numerous reactions, both in favor of the footballer’s message and against his ideological positions.

However, this is not the first time that the Granada striker gets ‘wet’ on social media about political issues. Soldier has shown on more than one occasion to enjoy sufficient freedom to speak out, and in most cases, critically with some political sectors. An attitude that increased in times of pandemic and that have led him to send more than one message on networks pointing out his opposition.

Last March 2020, when the pandemic had only just begun, Soldado criticized Pedro Sánchez during one of his appearances: “You are boring, Pedrito. We already know the data and what the citizens are doing too. Good evening “. Shortly after, in May, he made his criticisms of the PP in Madrid face the PSOE, citing a few words from Mark Twain: “It is easier to deceive people than to convince them that they have been deceived. “

Hours later, another Spanish soccer veteran, Pepe Reina, joined Echenique’s responses. The Lazio goalkeeper replied to the same tweet from the Podemos politician: “Miserable! Soon the story will end … Peacefully and at the polls,” he wrote in Twitter.

Soldier, successful veteran

Those who seek to criticize Soldado for his age or football performance have nowhere to lean. And, despite his 35 years, he has managed to push Granada to make history by playing the quarterfinals of the Europa League for the first time in history. Also, they are in a good time at The League that allows them to flee from decline and fight for new European positions.

Roberto Soldado, who has played up to 36 games so far this season, has achieved see goal on 11 different occasions. Two of them were in the eighth of the Europa League against him Molde, decisive result to get the expected ticket to the next round of the tournament. It remains to be seen their performance at the end of the season, where Granada can sign a year in history depending on the results in Europe.

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