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Interior points out Abascal for the Vallecas incidents but a police union criticizes the operation

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The Interior Ministry supports both its men and the operation on Wednesday afternoon in the Madrid neighborhood of Vallecas. According to sources from the ministry to EL ESPAÑOL, a police operation was designed “according to complex circumstances” in order to guarantee “the rights of all”.

There were certain attitudes, they say from the Ministry of Fernando Grande-Marlaska, which put at risk “the work and physical integrity of the agents themselves.” Above all, they say, those that occurred “by not following the indications and guidelines of the agents who were watching over security.”

Although from these sources they do not specify if they refer to the moment in which Santiago Abascal exceeded the police cordon that separated those attending the rally from the protesters of radical groups, the statement would be a clear allusion to that moment of the act.

These same sources also assure that there were behaviors of this kind from both sides, such as the attitude of some of the protesters rebuking those attending the rally before the charges began, throwing plastic bottles and beer cans in the direction of the center of the park.

For its part, the Jupol union, the majority within the National Police, accuses the Interior of leaving “defenseless” to the agents who went to the device established in the Plaza de la Constitución. After the riots, which occurred during the Vox rally, at least 25 officers from the Police Intervention Units (IPU) were injured.

Operative “insufficient”

The rampage ended around nine o’clock at night with two detainees (for the moment), and 34 wounded, 20 of them policemen, according to the Emergency Services of the Madrid City Council. Some, like Ángel López, a Vox deputy for Guadalajara, had to be transferred to the hospital.

Nine of those people ended up there to undergo radiological checks. The others 14 they were assisted in the place by the Samur and Civil Protection services. Three of them ended up in the emergency room due to the seriousness of the injuries resulting from the clashes.

For Jupol, the device “was clearly insufficient to control more than foreseeable disturbances.” Its spokesman, Pablo Pérez, assures that “everyone knew in advance of the seriousness” of the events “that could be caused in Vallecas, since there were several calls through social networks. Despite this, the DGP decided to deploy only two incomplete groups of the IPU “.

After the violent altercations, the union is studying the possibility of taking judicial measures, in this case, against the General Directorate of the Police and against the Ministry of the Interior.

The final balance of the twenty officers injured, says Pérez from the union “could have been easily avoided deploying an operation according to the degree of violence what could be expected in this call. “The Jupol spokesman assures that” the device had 40 percent fewer agents than necessary to face this type of situation. During it, orders were given not to use the necessary means of control, such as rubber balls. “

The device

The information they had in the Interior indicated that the call against the Vox act was going to be nurtured in part by radical groups such as the Bukaneros (ultras of Rayo Vallecano), Vallekas Antifascista, Izquierda Castellana or the Coordinadora Antifascista de Madrid.

For this reason, an entire group of IPUs and three subgroups of another of the most agent units of the Provincial Information Brigade made up the device. In total, about 200 members of the National Police established several defensive lines around the central circle, where the platform, the lectern and the leaders of the political party were located. That was the disposition and the forecast designed in the last days for the act.

The police sources consulted within the anti-riot units disagree regarding the amount of resources used in the operation. For some it was a “flawless” operation. Others argue that those who were against the rally were allowed to get too close, causing scenes of tension that ended in the usual riots in the surrounding streets.

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