Sunday, April 18

In Quebec, we will also vaccinate at night this Saturday

Faced with a record increase in COVID-19 cases, Quebec public health authorities will vaccinate people at night this Saturday.

“From midnight and this, for a 24 hours, the Center of fairs will be occupied permanently”, explained the person in charge of vaccination at the integrated center of health and social services of the Capitale-Nationale, Patricia McKinnon. “We are going to give the electroshock that the region needs to get out of the pandemic. “

People willing to be vaccinated at night can do so by appointment, the confirmation of which can serve as a pass if they meet police during curfew.

On Thursday, people from Quebec flocked to AstraZeneca vaccination sites offered to people aged 55 and over. A total of 1250 were thus vaccinated.

To increase the current vaccination rate, the CIUSSS has also obtained 20,000 additional AstraZeneca vaccines to be deployed.

A record 436 new cases have been identified in the past 24 hours in the region.

Further details will follow.

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