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Does love resurface? After 10 years since their separation, Lucero and Mijares give unexpected news: they get back together; “I can not believe it”. (PHOTOS)

  • Lucero and Mijares surprised with the news of their return
  • After 10 years of separating, the former couple return but to the stage
  • The singers will offer a streaming concert called ‘Siempre Amigos’

Lucero Mijares Always Friends. The artists Lucero and Mijares have surprised with an unexpected news, after having divorced 10 years ago, and that is that the former couple have revealed that they are returning, but to the stage together, since they will offer a concert by streaming.

It was through the accounts of Lucero and Mijares de Instagram, where they announced with a certain publication that after being separated for so long, this time they would return in a streaming event called ‘Always friends’.

Lucero and Mijares return


“The surprise of surprises arrives. On May 22, #LuceroYMijares we will have #SiempreAmigos. It will be unmissable, we will share music, joy and friendship in this special streaming. Who signs up? @oficialmijares and I’m waiting for you! ”, Lucero wrote in his post.

It is worth mentioning that this concert will take place next Saturday, May 22, at 8:30 p.m., it can be enjoyed on the eTicket Live platform. The accesses will be on sale from Wednesday, April 7, and will cost 500 pesos, for the general public, according to Meter.

Always Friends Concert

Lucero Mijares Always Friends 2

In this show, the successes of the two musical artists, who had such an impact in their glory years, will be heard again. With songs like ‘Four times love’ or ‘The privilege of loving’, they will dazzle the stage and drive the fans crazy, who have been waiting for this moment for so long.

Currently the singer maintains a relationship with businessman Michel Kuri since 2013, with whom she has agreed not to marry; However, this has not prevented them from being seen together attending events in Mexico and the United States.

Lucero Mijares Always Friends: They get back together

Lucero Mijares Always Friends 3

For his part, Manuel Mijares, who became known in the 80s, has not stopped making music, releasing almost one album per year, the singer has expressed that he has a cordial relationship with the mother of his children, with whom he shares the most important moments in their lives.

It will be a unique event, and the followers of both artists should take advantage of this opportunity to see them again together on the same stage, it will be possible to enjoy it in the comfort of your home, in the company of your family and friends, which will undoubtedly be a very special.

Marriage of Lucero and Mijares

Lucero Mijares Always Friends 4

Although he has stood out for being an endearing figure on Mexican television, one of the most prominent events in Lucero’s personal life was his link with the Mexican singer Manuel Mijares, since the event was televised live, breaking audience records. on Mexican television.

The relationship with Manuel Mijares lasted fourteen years, finally announcing their divorce in 2011. Currently, the “Bride of America” ​​has expressed that she has a cordial relationship with the father of her children, with whom she shares the most important moments in their lives. .

Lucero Mijares Always Friends: Emotion in social networks

Lucero Mijares Always Friends 5

As expected, the announcement of their concert ‘Always friends’ caused great emotion in the fans of both artists through the social network accounts, where different publications of the singers began to be shared, since for years they had expected to see them again together.

Internet users showed their joy at seeing the couple together again, and did not hesitate to make different memes about the show that Lucero and Mijares will offer soon, which in 2011 ended a relationship that resulted in two children: José Manuel Mijares Hogaza, born in 2001, and Lucero Mijares Hogaza, who came to the world in 2005. Filed under Lucero Mijares Always Friends

Lucero Mijares Always Friends: Fan Comments


So much was the euphoria of the Internet users on social networks, that in the publication of Mijares, where he announces the long-awaited return, some commented if at the end of the event there would be a kiss between the two singers: “¿¿Will you see kiss at the end? ”Said one user.

“How do you overcome this?”, “My heart to the thousand, we wait so much for this MAGNIFICENT MOMENT. You know what you are causing in us right now, right? ”,“ This will be the event of the century ”,“ Big surprise, it will be a dream to live that! Thank you ”, were some of the messages. Filed under Lucero Mijares Always Friends

Lucero Mijares Always Friends: The Life of Mijares


The singer has led his personal life away from the press, although in 1997 he starred in one of the most important televised events in recent decades. One of the peak moments of his personal life was televised live: his marriage to the singer Lucero became one of the most resounding successes.

The relationship with Lucero lasted fourteen years, finally announcing his divorce in 2011. Currently, the singer has expressed that he has a cordial relationship with the mother of his children, with whom he shares the most important moments in their lives. Filed under Lucero Mijares Always Friends

Collaborations by Manuel Mijares


In the beginning, Manuel Mijares worked as a backup singer for the renowned singer Emmanuel, without imagining that years later both would tour most of the states of the Mexican Republic for their greatest successes together on stage.

This has led them to have full houses in the most important venues in Mexico, such as the National Auditorium, which have a capacity to accommodate 10,000 spectators. Likewise, the singer has collaborated with prominent performers, including Ricky Martin, Camilo Sesto, Yuri and Ricardo Arjona. Filed under Lucero Mijares Always Friends

Lucero Mijares Always Friends: A Success in Mexico

PHOTO Instagram Mijares

José Manuel Mijares’ career has been full of successes. His closeness to the arts allowed him to explore his artistic side from a very young age, participating in the school choir and forming various musical groups with his youthful friends.

Although these groups did not achieve national fame, Mijares’ career took a course that would later lead him to become one of the most recognized interpreters in Mexico. His voice has also been heard in the main themes of the films “The Jungle Book”, “Beauty and the Beast” and “Land of Bears”. Filed under Lucero Mijares Always Friends

Lucero’s fame


Lucero has participated in eleven television productions, where he has shared the screen with great exponents of Mexican television such as Fernando Colunga, Silvia Derbez, Rogelio Guerra and Joaquín Cordero, among others. She has starred in soap operas such as “Lazos de amor”, “Soy tu dueña” and “Por ella soy Eva”.

In 1995, already with a consolidated career in Mexican television, she agreed to be the protagonist of the telenovela “Lazos de amor”, where she simultaneously played three sisters with different traits and personalities, earning the admiration of a large part of the population, who each At night he would meet to admire the talent of the actress. Filed under Lucero Mijares Siempre Amigos. Some images in this note come from It is and It is videos

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