Sunday, April 18

Ayuso after the Vox act: “Madrid cannot fall into the worst moments of the Basque Country. It’s pathetic”

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The president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Diaz Ayuso, has qualified as “sultry” what happened this Wednesday in Vallecas during the Vox campaign event. “It hurts me to see this, to see that they cheer and justify this. This is not Madrid,” he said, to give all his support “to those attacked” and to the agents of the National Police deployed.

Ayuso has warned that no party “has the right to take over the street” since citizens also vote for the PP, Cs and Vox in areas like Vallecas. “Trying to take over those neighborhoods as if they were yours is disgusting and pathetic.”, has stated in clear reference to United We Can in an interview in Onda Madrid.

The regional president also believes that this Wednesday it became clear that “the extreme left has lost the pulse of the street” and that his measures against Covid are based on “locking up” the people of Madrid “while their leaders are getting richer,” alluding to Pablo Iglesias.

At this point, Ayuso has opined that “Madrid cannot fall into the worst moments of the Basque Country” when people were pointed out on the street. “If you don’t like a PP or Vox rally, then you can put up with it,” he added.

Comprar Sputnik V

Regarding the management of the coronavirus pandemic, the president of the Community of Madrid has assured that if the Russian vaccine Sputnik V “works” and “everything is legal” though and “forced” to acquire it because a leader must do “everything in his power to save lives.”

“We did it when we bought respirators, when we brought those planes, when we went to explore the markets to see which tests were better, each time we have taken a step forward. That is what shrinks it’s bravery, it’s responsibility“, has defended. popular, “the irresponsible thing is to close in band”.


Ayuso too has criticized that the Interterritorial Council of the National Health System has “constantly changed his mind” during the pandemic.

After it has been decided to suspend vaccination with AstraZeneca in those under 60 years of age, Ayuso has condemned that the Government is giving “blind spots” and “constantly creating insecurity.”

Thus, he recalled that they have always defended that this vaccine could be provided to those over 60 years of age because “the benefit was much greater than the risk.” “What cannot be there is in the middle of the game, when so many people are already vaccinated, when at last it begins to be a little clear which vaccines are for which groups, change back again“, has declared.

Health centers

Ayuso has also announced that soon, with the arrival of more vaccines, the doses will also be supplied in health centers every day of the week, including those weekends.

“When there are already vaccines in many health centers, it is not possible in all because they are very numerous in the Community of Madrid, but in many of them, we are also going to offer the possibility of vaccinating on weekends and during the week” , has advanced.

Ayuso has remarked that he is being vaccinated “at an excellent rate”. Madrid reached this Wednesday the record of vaccines supplied in one day (50,000) and this weekend it expects 55,000 to be reached by incorporating hospitals into the strategy. Total, 290,000 people will be vaccinated this week.

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