Saturday, April 17

A tweeter arrested for wanting Abascal and Monastery to be hanged like Mussolini and Petacci

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The National Police has arrested a man in Madrid who wrote on Twitter that the leaders of Vox Santiago Abascal and Rocío Monastery they should be “hanging from the Vallecas Bridge” accompanied by an image of a couple hanged on a bridge.

The tweet was published by an account that was blocked last Monday at 00:30 and had the text: “Abascal and Monastery hanging from the Vallecas bridge like his Italian idols #VallekasAntifascista “, police sources have reported.

The publication was accompanied by an image of two bodies shot and hanging from a bridge. This photograph is from Benito Mussolini and Clara Petacci that were hung on April 28, 1954 in the Loreto square in Milan.

For constituting a hate crime and inciting violence, the National Police arrested the 32-year-old man this Thursday at 7:30 a.m. resident of Puente de Vallecas without antecedents, who had written this tweet.

After taking a statement from him at the police station in the Madrid neighborhood of Moratalaz, he was released under investigation for an alleged hate crime.

This Wednesday, about 500 people rallied against the Vox act, which was attended by about 350 supporters in the Plaza de la Constitución, known as Red Square of Vallecas, and the police had to intervene due to riots that resulted in four detainees.

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