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The family of Nathalie Debaillie, killed by her ex-companion in Lille, files a complaint against the police

Almost two years after the murder of his sister Nathalie, on May 27, 2019, in the suburbs of Lille, Nicolas Debaillie can rely on some certainties. Regarding the identity of his executioner, first. Arrested two days later, Nathalie’s ex-companion quickly admitted having had her removed in the parking lot of the bank branch where she worked, with the help of three henchmen.

When the victim was brought home, he slit her throat and wrists with a cutter. It was in the bathtub that the police found, a few hours later, the lifeless body of this mother of two children. The reason for this feminicide appears as clear as it is common in this kind of crime; Nathalie Debaillie, 47, had decided several months ago to leave Jérôme Tonneau, this man she had met two years earlier.

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But, after all this time, questions still torment the brother. How is it that the numerous alerts from his sister did not elicit any reaction from the police? Can a woman, in 2019, go to the same police station four times in four months, file three handrails and a complaint, report death threats and harassment from her “ex”, documents to the support, without anything happening?

“Why was he never even summoned?” “, wonders Nicolas Debaillie, in the office of his lawyer, on this sunny afternoon of early spring. “I am not driven by a feeling of revenge or a desire to cut off heads, he explains. But yes, there is anger. We all need to understand. “

“Identify and sanction”

“It is because it is inexplicable that we ask the police to explain themselves”, summarizes Me Isabelle Steyer. The lawyer, specialist in cases of violence against women, filed on March 31 with the Minister of the Interior, Gerald Darmanin, a complaint against the police, “In order to identify and punish the perpetrators of this series of negligence and dysfunctions that led to the murder of Nathalie”. Me Steyer considers that article 8 of the code of ethics of the national police has not been respected. According to him, “The official is required, even when not on duty, to intervene on his own initiative to provide assistance to any person in danger (…) “.

The “Malfunctions” denounced by the lawyer took place during the first months of 2019, until May 27, the day of Nathalie Debaillie’s death.

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