Saturday, July 24

Freedom Mobile promotion offers a $ 24 / 3GB prepaid plan with unlimited talk and text

Shaw’s Freedom Mobile has launched a new promotion for prepaid customers, offering a $ 24 per month plan with 3GB of LTE data, only for six months.

Freedom Mobile says the $ 24 / 3GB plan is post-digital discount (setting up a credit card pre-authorization) and is only valid for six months. The regular price of the plan is $ 34 per month.

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This plan includes unlimited domestic calling and global text messaging and is only available for new prepaid activations, he says. Freedom Mobile says there is a one-time connection fee of $ 10 for new activations and the promotion ends March 31, 2021.

The company’s website has an existing prepaid monthly plan at $ 24 per month with 1.5GB of data, so this promotion doubles what is normally included, although only for half a year. This plan can be good for light users or a child’s first cell phone.

In the past week, Rogers announced that he had signed a deal to acquire Shaw for $ 26 billion., a deal noted by analysts is good for investors but bad for consumers.

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