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“How run down.” A video of Juan Gabriel resurfaces from the pool inviting to an event and they affirm that “He is still alive” (VIDEO)

  • A supposed video of Juan Gabriel appears from the pool
  • The singer invites netizens to an event
  • The artist passed away in August 2016

Divo of Juárez. Through social networks, a video is circulating where the singer Juan Gabriel supposedly appears alive, where he is inviting the public to an event that took place in 2019, but several Internet users did not believe that the musical artist is still following with life.

It should be remembered that the Divo de Juárez, passed away on August 28, 2016, and since then a wave of rumors have been unleashed that he is still alive, on a television channel. Youtube, a video was uploaded to the web where they affirm that the musical artist is still alive and they show it.

Juan Gabriel appears in the pool


In the recording, the Divo de Juárez says: “everyone is invited, if they like and have time, go, and don’t bring me gifts, because I don’t know what to do with so much that I already have, if it’s cash better, well, sweethearts are there all guests, have a great time, not like others, “he said while in the pool.

Everything seems to indicate that this invitation to the “Blue Explosion” event was a joke from a radio station, which used an old video of Juan Gabriel, so that they could attend this ceremony that apparently would be in the stadium of the team of football, Emelec from Ecuador. TO SEE THE VIDEO CLICK HERE

Reaction of followers on Juan Gabriel’s video

Divo de Juárez Juan Gabriel pool 2

Several followers were present to leave their different opinions regarding the public video: “I am so amazed at everything that physically deteriorated in just 2 years. This image is from 2014 and by the 2016 he passed away he was totally tired and physically finished. My Eternal Love, Hug me very tightly, You are always on my mind ”.

“My greatest wish is that this man of the song is alive”, “This video was’ recorded in Argentina and has been around for a long time. Juan Gabriel invited his fans to celebrate his birthday “,” He is very much alive but in our hearts that or deny it all his songs will never go out of style but that he is alive no one believes it for God and let him rest in peace “, they were some of the comments.

Rumors that Juan Ga is still alive

Divo de Juárez Juan Gabriel pool 3

Constantly on social media accounts, rumors come to light that the singer is still alive, and they have published different images where they supposedly captured the Divo de Juárez, walking on this world yet, but none of this has been confirmed .

One of the main causes of these rumors is Joaquín Muñoz, the former manager of Juan Gabriel, better known as the ‘Divo de Juárez’ who assures that the Mexican singer is alive and releases some images on his Facebook account as proof of this.

Former manager of Juan Gabriel, affirms that he is alive

Divo de Juárez Juan Gabriel pool 4

Through a publication shared by Joaquín Muñoz, where the Divo de Juárez appears, he supposedly confirms that he is alive: “For those who doubt that Juan Gabriel is dead, for the only time, the Divo is alive and will be 70 years old” , placed the former manager in the publication that he shared to the world on his social network profile.

The image was published the previous year, on April 8, where different Internet users were present to leave their comments and opinions about this situation. “I hope so because I know that he did not die, he had to fake his death because he was in great danger, he was almost working as a slave for the bad guys, wouldn’t you have done this if your life is in danger?” Said one user.

Internet users’ opinions

Divo de Juárez Juan Gabriel pool 5

Other users mention: “I still have faith that Juan Gabriel is alive, but why doesn’t he come out now, those photos are from a long time ago, why don’t you put more recent photos, give why these photos are always, why play with us those who believe that he does live ”.

“What a joy to know that you are well, that you take care of your tummy, The world loves you and is looking forward to it”, “Beautiful thing. May God take care of me ”,“ Well, let me go out and shut up many! And if not, don’t say anything! Already vast of excuses. It was bored “, were some of the comments.

More evidence from Juan Gabriel


On December 1, 2018 in the program ‘Con Permiso’ of the Unicable channel, another image of the Divo de Juárez was broadcast, by the journalist Martha Figueroa who, she says, is about to finish an investigation into the feigned death of Juan Gabriel , according to portal Trade.

A week before publishing the photo of the singer who is supposedly alive, the journalist said that she received from Joaquín Muñoz, former manager of Divo de Juárez, a song supposedly recorded by Juan Gabriel, who supposedly had authorized to broadcast the audio.

Photo of Juan Gabriel in white


After the alleged audio was sent to the journalist, Martha Figueroa asked the former manager to send her another proof that Juan Gabriel is still living, and Muñoz agreed, but sent a photo that shows a man dressed in white and with his back to the camera.

According to the journalist, this image was taken recently when Juan Gabriel was at home “before they discovered him and went the other way,” she said, even so far there is not enough evidence to show that the musical artist is still alive. but the rumors grow more every day. Filed as Divo de Juárez Juan Gabriel pool

Was the singer mourning the death of Isela Vega?


Previously Joaquín Muñoz, the former manager of Juan Gabriel, better known as the ‘Divo de Juárez’, assured that the Mexican singer is alive and in mourning for the death of the first actress Isela Vega, who died at 81 years of age from cancer. that caused the show business in Mexico to mourn the death and show its pain at the loss.

It was Joaquín Muñoz’s message that ‘scandalized’ social networks, and it is that the controversial representative assures in various publications from his official personal Facebook page that the beloved Mexican singer, Juan Gabriel is still alive, and he constantly demonstrates it. Filed as Divo de Juárez Juan Gabriel pool

Juan Gabriel flirted with Javier Ceriani


Previously, a series of photos was filtered that assure that Juan Gabriel sent the Argentine journalist Javier Ceriani, from the Chisme No Like program and show flirtation. Also, it is said that the singer, who died on August 28, 2016, would still be alive.

It was on the official account of Instagram from Javier Ceriani that a video was shared that so far has more than 6 thousand reproductions that says the following: “Juanga flirted with Ceriani. Photos of the Divo making her eyes come to light ”. “Unpublished images of the day that the bones of Ceriani seemed to Juan Gabriel! Supposedly, shared directly by the Divo de Juárez. Aída Cuevas also remembers him as her mentor ”. Filed as Divo de Juárez Juan Gabriel pool

Believers that Juan Gabriel is still alive

PHOTO Facebook Joaquín Muñoz

After the controversial images, shared by former manager Joaquín Muñoz, on his Facebook account, different followers left their comments, where they leave their opinions about these rumors that circulate on social networks, where many do believe that he has not died.

Others also commented: “Tell JG (Juan Gabriel) that I love him very much. That I will always be his heart fan and that I send him a “HUG ME VERY STRONG” because he will always be in my heart. ” Others wondered if the Mexican singer is still alive, “Is he alive or dead? Since I don’t understand anything ”, and they are not the only publications on the subject. Filed under Divo de Juárez Juan Gabriel pool. Some images of this note come from the following video

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