Wednesday, April 14

ND de Paris: the first oaks selected for reconstruction

The forest of Bercé (Sarthe, western France) is not a simple forest of oaks. The trees which grow there are renowned for their quality. The emissaries of the kings came here to choose the trunks intended to build the navy boats. .

This Friday, two ministers (Agriculture and Culture) came to this forest to, symbolically, identify 8 oaks that will be used for the reconstruction of Notre-Dame de Paris.

In total, a thousand oaks will be needed to rebuild the frame and the frame of the spire. Trees that will come from all the forest regions of France.

It is a beautiful symbol, it seems to me, that these trees of all these state and communal forests are found gathered in the same collective work that will be the restored cathedral.

Roselyne Bachelot

French Minister of Culture

The fire, almost two years ago

The fire in Notre-Dame Cathedral dates back to April 15, 2019. In a few hours, the flames would destroy the spire, the roof and the frame, for which years of work had been necessary between the 12th and 13th centuries.

The authorities have undertaken to reconstruct identically the elements that have gone up in smoke.

But first, you have to secure the site, before starting the actual reconstruction. The President of the Republic said he hoped that this colossal project would be finished in 2024.

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