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Doctor Juan Rivera muscles prescription exercise coronavirus pandemic

  • Doctor Juan Rivera presumes captivates fans by showing muscles with exercise during coronavirus pandemic
  • As you have never seen before, the Latin doctor gives his ‘prescription’ to be in shape and have a good body
  • In addition, he says, this will help to have good mental health and emotional stability.

In a surprising way the famous and beloved doctor Juan Rivera, uncovered a ‘treasure’ that he had very guardedito and seduced his fans by showing his impressive muscles, but also gave his ‘recipe’ to have a good figure through exercise in this coronavirus pandemic.

The photo that caused a stir among Internet users was published on the night of March 2, 2021 through his Instagram account @drjuanjr and that until the morning of March 3 it already had 5 thousand 123 reactions of likes and exceeded 100 comments.

Dr. Juan Rivera is a Hispanic cardiologist, of Puerto Rican nationality and is currently a television host.

Image taken from Instagram @drjuanjr

After the coronavirus pandemic, the doctor has published various studies, recommendations and prevention measures that have helped his patients.

The seriousness and professionalism with which he has led his career have made him one of the most respected doctors among the Latino community in the United States.

However, on this occasion, Dr. Juan Rivera put aside the formalities and with a spectacular photograph, he showed his muscles, to the delight of his fans.

In his post, the medical professional wrote the following: “During the pandemic, I confess that constant exercise is what has kept me sane… with emotional stability. I have never worked more in my life and the stress has been extreme ”.

It was then that he gave his ‘special recipe’ to show off a good body: “Schedule your exercise time as you schedule other important things in your life. Take care of your body… we only have one; and taking care of your body you will see how it also helps your mental health. #Holy remedy”.

Immediately a woman highlighted the publication of Dr. Juan Rivera who shows off his muscles and expressed the following opinion: “Dr. Juan, if I’m going to be that strong, what exercises does he do? ”.

After Dr. Juan Rivera published a photograph in which you show off your muscles, the followers did not resist his charms and expressed it this way: “Whoa! My doc (emojis eyes) what arms ”.

“Woooow nice (heart)”, “great body”, “that’s right doctor you are an example of life, my admiration”, “Dr Juan good night, waoo yes, incredible, too much work, tremendous brain, God keep taking care of you, an incredible example and above all a fitness ”, expressed other women.

But the words of admiration and recognition were not enough: “Dr Juan! You inspire me so much! I want to do everything you say and do ”,“ always elegant, many blessings always for you ”.

Other people agreed with him: “Okay, Dr. I worked out at the gym for two hours a day and at home it has been difficult for me to keep up and that has taken its toll. I’m going back to my two hours ”.

Someone else wrote: “I’ll take it into account Juan. I have also been extremely stressed working in a trauma 1 level center in California, but I have completely abandoned the exercise routine I had before the pandemic. “

Image taken from Instagram @drjuanjr

Other people immediately identified with Dr. Juan Rivera’s advice to exercise while showing off his muscles.

“Yes, I do a lot, if it weren’t for the gym I’d be more stressed … I eat well … Keep busy #, said one of the Internet users.

Another woman agreed with him: “It’s true, I can do little exercise because I have to have prosthetics on both knees, but with exercises everything changes.”

“Definitively, exercising is the most ‘rational’ way to live and ‘survive’ in the midst of this ‘irrational’ pandemic,” said another netizen.

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