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Spine pain hospitalized brush: celebrities ask for help for their surgery

  • Ricardo González “Cepillín” could enter surgery for a spinal problem
  • It was reported that they are doing studies to assess his condition
  • “Yesterday afternoon, he was about to fall off the ladder, and then a very strong pain began to come on him”

The famous comedian Ricardo González “Cepillín” is hospitalized, in very poor health, and could enter surgery due to severe pain in the spine.

According to comments from the son of the “TV Clown”, Ricardo, his father will be being evaluated and will carry out different studies to determine his state of health.

“Yesterday afternoon he stumbled, he was about to fall off the ladder, he managed to grab the railing and then a very strong pain began to come on him,” Cepillín’s son said in an interview with THE UNIVERSAL.


“He had been fine, people then asked us if he had Covid and for nothing, he has always been in the mood,” added Ricardo, as he went to the hospital with his father.

In addition, he also explained that his father had never been this bad, and that it was the accident at home that caused him the pain that today has him admitted to the Corporate Hospital Satélite.

“I know he slept well because they have him with medication for his back,” Ricardo said, clarifying that he has spoken with his father by phone, and that he has been informed of his health.

The famous children’s comedian, Cepillín, had just turned 75 years old on February 7 and was still in the celebrations for his 50-year career.

“We are putting up with this problem financially because we have already had a year without working and then this comes, imagine. Right now, several youtubers and bloggers are doing us a favor to share an account and help my dad because we don’t know what’s next, ”said his son.

“Leaving the hospital, I think that maybe he will need rehabilitation therapies and all that costs. We are pending that we do not know what is next, “he concluded.


Through social networks, some celebrities are asking Internet users for financial help for the surgery in which the clown Cepillín is going to enter.

It was on the Instagram account of Chisme No Like where some artists demonstrated to help the child comedian. The same gossip program, run by journalist Javier Ceriani, helped the clown’s son raise funds.

Ricardo González Cepillín hospitalized for spinal pain 2


“THEY OPERATE ON CEPILLÍN AND HIS SON ASKS FOR DONATIONS !! For those who want to support for hospital expenses this is the account of #Brush who will enter the operating room today at 3 pm and will undergo 5 hours of surgery after the accident he had, since his son asks for donations, in addition to many prayers for his father. We will continue to inform. Your Team, ”he wrote in the post.

Photo: Twitter

Several followers sent their messages in support of the comedian who is hospitalized, but there were also those who only left their negative comments.

“Let your president support you! He has always been with the left-wing government of López Obrador! “,” I do not understand how to ask for funds if he was the most famous clown in Mexico and Latin America where all his income was left as he may be in ruin, “commented some users.

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Also the famous actress Angélica Vale and the actor Juan Bertheau asked for the support of the followers in a shared video explaining that the coronavirus pandemic affected Ricardo González “Cepillín”, leaving him without work, and that with little great things can be achieved.

Ricardo González Cepillín hospitalized for spinal pain 3



Even on her Twitter account, the Mexican actress asks for donations in a tweet: “Friends, let’s help Brush. If we join together we can help the clown on TV. He is delicate and we want his only concern to be to get out of it and be in perfect health. For so many smiles in our childhood! ”.

The family of dear Ricardo González “Brush”He tells me that he is stable, although he may require surgery. He is not treated for a Covid or cardiac issue. To all his family and to the beloved Brush a hug and make it another battle won ”, tweeted the host of Milenio, Azucena Uresti.

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