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The citizens’ convention for the climate severely judges the consideration of its proposals by the government

The citizens’ convention for the climate severely judged, Sunday, February 28, the taking into account of its proposals by the government, which never obtained the average during a series of votes on the six major themes of measures.

The “housing” theme obtained an average of 3.4 out of 10, “producing and working”, “eating” and “getting around” 3.7 out of 10 each, “consuming” 4 out of 10 and the proposals on governance 4.1 out of 10, in a series of votes organized during the last session of this convention, an unprecedented exercise in participatory democracy in France.

The translation of other emblematic objectives of the convention was also harshly judged: “Limit the harmful effects of air transport” obtained 2.8 on average, or the introduction into the law of an offense of “ecocide”, reduced compared to the proposal of the convention, a score of 2.7.

Even isolated, few measurements obtained the average. The reform of article 1er of the Constitution to introduce the fight against climate change, for example, received a score of 6.1.

Complete decryption: What happened to the proposals of the climate convention, which Emmanuel Macron had committed to take up “without filter”?

Initiative born out of the “yellow vests” crisis

Of the 150 citizens initially drawn, 119 were registered for this final vote, during a session held by videoconference, health crisis requires. They still have to vote to answer four more general questions in the afternoon, taking stock of the overall exercise.

Emmanuel Macron had decided to create this convention at the end of the “yellow vests” crisis, born of a carbon tax on fuels perceived as unfair. Its mission was to propose measures to “Reduce greenhouse gas emissions by at least 40% (compared to 1990) by 2030 in a spirit of social justice”.

Started in October 2019, it submitted in June, at the end of a calendar upset by the Covid, 149 proposals to the President of the Republic, who rejected three of them and undertook to transmit the others “Without filter”. Today, the government has 75 measures implemented and 71 in the process of being implemented. Some have found a place in the recovery plan or the budget, others in decrees and a quarantine in the climate and resilience bill, which will be debated in the Assembly at the end of March.

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