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Mhoni Seer disappearance child: predicts the death of Thomas Bravo

  • Mhoni Vidente is right again in another prediction he had made a few days ago
  • The seer said that the missing minor in Chile, Thomas Bravo, would be found dead
  • The video of the clairvoyant was shared on social networks

Mhoni Seer disappearance child. Another prediction of Mhoni Seer is fulfilled. And it is that after the disappearance of the Chilean boy Thomas Bravo, the clairvoyant had predicted that they would find him dead and that the culprit would be a relative and that, sadly, has just become a terrible reality.

In recent days, the disappearance of a child in Chile, named Thomas, who was only three years old, had been announced, of whom his family knew nothing for five days.

This news reached the most famous psychic in Mexico, who immediately visualized what would happen to the little one, and decided to share it on her account. Instagram.

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“There is a boy who has been missing for five or six days, his name is Thomas Bravo, he is a 3- or 4-year-old boy, they find him today or tomorrow,” Mhoni said in one of his prediction videos.

But what is most surprising is that he said that they would find him, but in a well: “Unfortunately I no longer see him alive, I see him in a well, something near where he disappeared,” said the psychic.

He also reported that a relative would be the culprit of Thomas’s death, mentioning that he was attacking the child and that by covering his mouth, the relative drowned Thomas Bravo, it was the prediction of Mhoni Seer.

Terrible prediction of Mhoni Seer fulfilled

In the same video published, it is observed how they already confirmed that the baby was found dead, as Mhoni had said, but it was not all, since Thomas’s great-uncle was also arrested, being the main suspect in the murder of the child, who He tried to bury the body, but was unsuccessful and was arrested by the authorities.


Followers highlight Mhoni’s prediction

In Mhoni Vidente’s publication, where she succeeds in another prediction, in this case about the child Thomas Bravo, several followers congratulate her and send their messages of support to the clairvoyant.

Mhoni Seer disappearance child Thomas Bravo 2

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“Mhoni everything happens as you predict. Hopefully and very soon your prediction that Nicolás Maduro leaves Venezuela and that dictatorship falls. I send you blessings Mhoni, “wrote a follower.

Others mention that Mhoni’s predictions are real: “Believe Mhoni’s predictions, I listened to her and she said it.”

“As a mother, I feel hurt by the case of Thomas, today how society is, we must be more careful with our children #Chile # losniñosnosetocan. Greetings from Chile Mhoni, a fan of you says goodbye ”, another user commented.

“How sad, but at least he found himself. And it was close to the river, he tried to dig a well, but it didn’t reach “,” Yes Mhoni, they actually found him buried, they took his great-uncle arrested. Much pain, anger is felt here, justice does not work as it should be, you were not mistaken “,” they already found him dead today and the great-uncle they arrested him involved, “were some of the comments.

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Clairvoyant Mhoni Vidente hits another prediction about Youtuber

In this same week Mhoni Vidente had already hit another prediction, and that is that the clairvoyant had said that the youtuber Rix would end up in jail for the alleged violation of Nath Campos, according to SDPnoticias.

Mhoni Seer disappearance child Thomas Bravo 3

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In the clip, the astrologer predicted that after what happened with Rix and Campos, she visualized that the youtuber was waiting for a long time behind bars, and applauds what was done by the victim, since she affirms that several had remained silent.

“My full support to all the women who have suffered rape, who have had to keep quiet. I was one of those people, I had to shut up because I am from another generation. You daughters are younger, report it, raise your voice, do not remain silent, do not be afraid, ”said Mhoni.

He also added, “Above all, respect for women. Not because I took too much or brought the… from outside you are going to rape me. I want to dress, do and say what I want and you have to respect me ”.

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