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Baltimore strip club employees reject COVID-19 closures

Although cases of coronavirus have decreased, the city of has loosened restrictions that do not apply to the adult entertainment industry

ENTERTAINMENT. Restrictions have been applied to the industry / Pexels

Dancers from Baltimore strip clubs staged protests to revive adult entertainment venues, the news network reported. NBC. According to the source, Joy Mason and Iyana Hall wrote a flyer and sent it to their acquaintances.

In just minutes, the news spread through the city to hundreds of employees of such places.

The women took their actions further and gathered alongside a group of people, most of them industrial employees, outside the town hall.

Adult entertainment venues have been closed since December 2020 by order of Mayor Brandon Scott. The reason behind his decision was motivated by the increase in coronavirus cases.

But although daily cases have been gradually declining, the city of Baltimore has relaxed and loosened restrictions in various sectors, the area has not yet had official responses.

Noise in Baltimore

The demonstration made enough noise to overshadow a press conference near the NAACP branch.

“Come out, Mr. Mayor,” Hall said. “We just want to have a loud chat.”

In Baltimore, the debate on economic recovery has not gone under the table. Maryland has been one of the states that has applied the most restrictions due to the crisis unleashed by the outbreak.

Recently, restaurant owners expressed their annoyance at the closure of businesses in Baltimore City. A state trade group even filed a lawsuit against the territory, claiming that the regulations were unfair.


For Andrew Alley, owner of the city’s Penthouse Club, Scott’s actions represent “a punishing slap” to the industry. Nearby, in neighboring cities, its employees have had to look for work in areas where these types of businesses open at 50% of their capacity.

Scott has made decisions regarding entertainment venues, but it is only limited to opening concert venues.

For Alley, “They have ruled out adult entertainment. I do not know why”.

Alley saw his club being allowed to operate last month, but only as a bar, a situation he complained about: “(It’s) like saying that McDonald’s can open, but only coffee can be sold.”

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