Wednesday, April 14

Nick Cave releases surprise album with Warren Ellis

Musician Nick Cave released a surprise album on Thursday, titled Carnage. The Australian has once again joined his longtime collaborator, Warren Ellis, multi-instrumentalist member of Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, for this “fallen from the sky” album.

Marissa GroguheMarissa Groguhe

Nick Cave had announced the release of an upcoming album, without giving more details. We could expect the release date to be revealed soon, this is finally the album. Carnage himself that he made appear without warning.

The eight-track record, which is not officially a Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds album, has been available online since Thursday, but won’t be sold in physical until May 28.

On his website, The Red Hand Files, where he answers questions from his fans, he described Carnage like “a brutal, but magnificent album, nested in a common disaster”.

Carnage is an album that Nick Cave did not really intend to create, reports the specialized site NME, but which “fell from the sky” to him, like a “gift”. Inspiration came to him from reading and “writing compulsively, sitting on [son] balcony, thinking about things ”.

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