Wednesday, April 14

France: territorial confinements envisaged in the face of a deteriorating health situation

France could soon strengthen the restrictive measures in several regions in the face of a health situation which tends to deteriorate.

The English variant spreads

More than 30,000 new daily cases were identified on Wednesday, a record figure since November attributed to a greater circulation of new, more contagious variants of the virus, as Prime Minister Jean Castex explained:

The most obvious explanation is the appearance of this new form of virus called variant strains, whose progress we are measuring day after day. The most common in our country, you know, is by far the so-called English variant, which concerns about half of people with Covid-19 in France.”

In this context, the government decided to place 20 departments under enhanced surveillance. If the situation continues to deteriorate, additional measures will be put in place in ten days. They can go as far as local containment.

UK lowers alert level

The United Kingdom, for its part, lowered its alert level from 5 to 4, synonymous with less pressure on hospitals. The number of patients is constantly declining, while the population has been subject to strict confinement since the beginning of January. The UK is currently registering 10,000 new cases on average daily, the epidemic curve is trending downward.

2.5 million deaths worldwide

Cyprus, for its part, will continue its gradual deconfinement by reopening from Monday high schools, gymnasiums, swimming pools, dance academies and art galleries.

Finally, a last figure to remember, that of the number of deaths: 2.5 million people have succumbed to Covid-19 worldwide since the start of the pandemic.

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