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“Today at dawn Vicky left us.” Devastated, Miguel Varoni and Catherine Siachoque confirm the death of a member of their family: their pet

  • Actor Miguel Varoni is mourning the death of his dog Vicky.
  • His wife Catherine Siachoque sends her condolences on social networks.
  • “I feel an emptiness in my heart that I can only fill with the memories it left me,” he wrote.

The Argentine actor Miguel Varoni, is in mourning for the sensitive death of his dog Vicky, saying goodbye forever on social networks to whom he and his wife Catherine Siacho considered part of the family, according to People in spanish.

Through your account Instagram, Varoni shared an image of her deceased pet, leaving a farewell message for Vicky, who spent many years with the artists, enjoying good times.

“Today at dawn Vicky left us… and in all her life she only showed that her name meant LOVE. I feel an emptiness in my heart that I can only fill with the memories that he left me, thank you for choosing me Vicky… I love you and I will love you forever ”, this is how the actor said goodbye to Vicky.


In the publication you can see the photograph of the Argentine artist’s pet, and his wife, the actress Catherine Siachoque, was one of those who sent her condolences in the comments.

With some emojis of crying faces and broken hearts, Catherine was devastated by the news that her husband shared on social networks, “Victoria del Niño Jesús Carmen.”

Miguel Varoni Catherine Siachoque mourning 2 Vicky


The couple welcomed Lago, Vicky’s little brother, a few years ago when he was just a puppy and since then they have shared good times with their pets.

In the official account of Instagram of the Colombian actress, published some photographs of her pets where she is very happy next to those who consider elements of the family.

So far the publication of Miguel Varoni has obtained a large number of reactions and comments from the followers who sent their condolences, for the couple who are sad for the sensitive loss.


Miguel Varoni in mourning. Several friends and followers of Miguel Varoni and Catherine Siachoque, were present in the comments of the publication, sending their messages of support for the couple.

Miguel Varoni Catherine Siachoque in mourning 3


Some celebrities mourn the terrible loss of the artists, such as actress Marjorie de Sousa, who sent her message in the photo: “I am so sorry,” wrote the actress.

Acquaintances of the couple such as Litzy, Juan Pablo Llano, Carmen Villalobos and Verónica Montes, sent their condolences wishing the dog Vicky an eternal rest.


“RIP is a little angel now”, “A hug brother!”, “A kiss for you”, “Do not!!! Migue !!!! I’m sorry!! How sad. Strength for Cathy and for you ”,“ Sorry my dear Direc! Strong Hug “,” Daddy I send you a big hug for you and my Chaty I know how much you loved Vicky “,”Oh no my Migue, I know how much they loved Vicky. I send them kisses and hugs. STRENGTH “,” Varonis I’m so sorry … I understand you perfectly. But you say it well, the bond with them is forever. Kisses to you and Cathy ”, were some of the comments.

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