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How to refinance mortgage credit? [Refinanciamiento]

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On this occasion we will present you the most important information that you should know before requesting a mortgage refinancing and the requirements that, in general, are requested from the beneficiaries of these.

Definition of mortgage refinancing

In the first place, it is necessary to know what a mortgage refinancing is, what it consists of and what are the conditions in which it occurs, as well as the institutions in charge of facilitating it.

Mortgage refinancing is known as the process by which a property owner requests a new loan, which has the goal of replacing the most current loan that has been requested.

One of the main reasons that result in the search for a mortgage refinance is to decrease the amount that is paid each month or the total amount of the mortgage. In general, mortgage refinancing is useful to reduce interest, but it also helps people pay less than the agreed amount in the long term or to finish paying a property in less time.

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How does refinancing work?

The refinancing process works in much the same way that a mortgage financing would.

However, the difference between one and the other is that, in refinancing, the financial institution acquires the existing mortgage debt and, with the loan, pays it off little by little.

In essence, refinancing completely erases the debt that the owner has acquired with another institution; In addition, it offers the option of choosing the interest rate and the terms in which the payment of the new mortgage will be carried out, always in order to save as much money as possible in the payment of a property in the medium or long term. without having this payment significantly affect the quality of life of a person.

One of the benefits is that people can continue to make fixed payments from a refinance.

If, for example, a person finds an institution that offers greater benefits, a lower interest rate and terms that are more convenient for the interested party’s budget, then he or she may request a refinancing.

Why and when should you refinance a home

How do you know when it’s time to apply for a home refinance? We present certain guidelines that can be followed to determine the most common reasons that lead property owners to apply for a new mortgage loan.

Reduce the monthly payment

The first reason why many people seek a refinancing is because the one that is in force is less convenient in terms of interest rates, fixed terms or, well, because its conditions no longer adapt to the reality of the owner.

For example, sometimes, the terms and conditions of a mortgage loan are established according to the income or economic possibilities of the applicants; If these were to undergo a change in their economy or require a decrease in monthly payments, then it would be necessary to resort to a refinancing.

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Take advantage of equity

What is equity and how can you take advantage of it?

According to experts, equity refers to the difference between the amount of money owed on the mortgage loan and the current value of a property.

For example, the Quicken Loans portal reports, if a person owes a mortgage of $ 150,000, but his house is valued at $ 200,000, then the owner has an equity of $ 50,000 in the property.

There are several ways to increase equity; One of them is through the reduction of mortgage debt, while in other cases equity increases as the value of a property increases, which usually occurs over time.

However, while it is true that in most cases properties increase in value gradually, equity can also reverse and fall, and this happens when the value of a house falls at a faster rate than they do. homeowner’s mortgage payments.

Pay off the loan faster

The economic conditions of people can vary over time, depending on changes in employment, in working conditions, in the benefits that people receive and in their context.

Thus, a person who applied for a mortgage loan in past years but received a sum of money in an inheritance, or was promoted, may want to finish paying his mortgage faster.

In these cases, it is recommended to go to a financial institution to request a refinancing that adjusts to the current reality of the property owner, who must ensure that the new terms and conditions allow him to pay his debt as soon as possible.

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Get rid of FHA mortgage insurance

In this case, equity can play in favor of the applicant. In the case of a first loan, the Federal Housing Administration often charges a monthly home insurance bill when homeowners have no credit history. With a refinance, the beneficiary will have the opportunity to access greater benefits, which may include the elimination of this payment.

Refinancing a mortgage, step by step

If you are contemplating a refinance, these are the steps you must follow to make the right choice.

Find the best mortgage refinance rate

It’s not just about looking for a refinance with the promise of paying off a home loan faster, but about doing it strategically to get the most out of your benefits.

The first step will be to carry out an analysis of the available options; of them, it will be convenient to choose the one that offers a better interest rate, otherwise

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Apply for a mortgage with three to five lenders

Home equity loans and lines of credit are also presented as an alternative for refinancing, since, according to the United States Federal Trade Commission, home equity loans contemplate the advance of the entire loan amount, while A home equity line of credit provides a source of funds that the homeowner can access when needed.

Choose a refinance lender

Banks and financial institutions are the first options considered when looking for a mortgage refinancing; However, in addition to these options, it is possible to find other types of lenders, such as savings and loan institutions, as well as specialized mortgage firms.

These can offer better options and interest rates that are more competitive, although it is essential to make a comparison before signing any agreement.

Lock your interest rate

This option is very important, since it will allow you to block any possible increase in the interest rate of a mortgage loan or credit that occurs between the moment you request it for the first time and when the final refinancing signature is completed.

Thus, you will keep the interest rate that was obtained at the time of making the first quote.

Loan closing

Days before closing the refinancing contract, the beneficiary will receive a series of documents detailing all the important data corresponding to the mortgage (payment terms, projected payment dates, among other fees and rates).

Before signing the final contract, it will be necessary to review the terms and conditions point by point to verify that everything is in accordance with what was initially agreed.

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What does it take to refinance a home?

To refinance a home, the lender will ask for the following documents:

  1. Proof of salary payment
  2. Forms W-2s and 1099s tax return
  3. Credit report
  4. Declaration of debts
  5. Declaration of assets

What are the benefits of refinancing a home?

The main benefit of refinancing a home is access to better interest rates and a potential reduction in the initial mortgage.

Another advantage of refinancing is that it is possible to withdraw money thanks to increased equity.

In general, among the benefits of refinancing a home are:

  1. Reduction of interest payable
  2. Cash withdrawal thanks to equity
  3. Payments in less time
  4. Lower monthly payments

How does refinancing work?

The refinancing process works in much the same way that a mortgage financing would.

The difference between a mortgage loan and a mortgage refinancing is that, in the first, the financial institution acquires the mortgage debt that has already been made previously; For its part, the loan allows you to pay a certain amount little by little.

In general terms, refinancing helps to completely erase the debt that a homeowner has acquired with another financial institution; On the other hand, it also provides the opportunity to analyze what the interest rate is and the terms in which the payment of the new mortgage will take place.

All this, always with the objective of saving as much money as possible and establishing the payment terms in the medium or long term, without running the risk that this refinancing considerably affects the economic interests or style of a person.

One of the benefits is that people can continue to make fixed payments from a refinance. For example, if a person finds an institution that provides greater benefits, such as a lower interest rate and terms that are more convenient for the interested party’s budget, then it will be recommended to request a refinancing.


Undoubtedly, mortgage refinancing is a measure that should not be taken lightly, but which is positioned as a good option for those who want to access greater benefits from their mortgage.

Since it is the assets of an individual or a complete family, it is best to take into account as many options as possible, to compare important data such as interest rates, terms and conditions, as well as the mandatory terms to which that the property owner will submit for a certain time.

Likewise, the advantages of knowing the benefits of a refinancing can result in great economic rewards thanks to the increase in equity, which results in the collection in cash of the difference between the amount of money owed on the mortgage loan and the current value of a property.

Among other advantages is also access to a decrease in the amount to pay, thanks to which lenders can open the door to a new history and help first-time owners of a property eliminate the extra costs for insurance from their monthly payments. of housing charged by the Federal Housing Administration.

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