Saturday, April 17

What influence has Daft Punk had on the music scene?

Aureliano Tonet: Hello !
It is a surprise, insofar as the French, although discreet, were still active. Although released in 2016, their hits for R’n’B singer The Weeknd (Starboy and I feel it coming) were the highlight of his show, ten days ago, during halftime of the Superbowl. According to an insistent rumor, the duo were even supposed to make an appearance there, as at the Grammy Awards, in 2017. This concert given four years ago was therefore their last …

Another rumor, just over a year ago, was about the imminent release of a new album. Their separation having been confirmed by those around them, it does not seem, this time, to be intoxicating. However, the Dafts being masters in the art of secrecy, opposites and marketing, nothing is to be excluded – not even a comeback, more or less soon …

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