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The DGT, on the lookout for drivers who do not wear a mask in the car: the fine is up to € 100

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Get to the car and get off the mask. Sometimes it is a pleasure, after a hard day’s work in which you have not been able to take it off for hours. However, inside the cabin of the vehicle it could cost you dearly. The General direction of traffic counts it as a violation.

It is nothing new. Wearing a mask is mandatory in private spaces where we are with people who do not live together if we are not consuming food or drinks. Therefore, inside the vehicle, if we are accompanied by people who do not live with us in the same family nucleus, we must wear the mask at all times. Not doing so could cost us up to 100 euros fine.

It should be remembered that the under 6 years. They do not have to wear the masks in public or private venues. Nor does the rule apply to those who do not have to wear it for medical reasons.

A car prepares to pass another on a minor road

However, it is not the only thing to watch out for. If the place is prohibited meetings of more than 4 people, in the car can not go five. Despite the vehicle having a higher capacity, the mobility limitation is above that fact. Violating that is also punishable by a 100 euro fine.

One last note. If you take off the face mask in the car because you travel alone or with members of the family unit, watch where you leave it. Hang it from the rear view mirror It could mean a fine of 80 euros for preventing your visibility.

It is not the only thing to be aware of when traveling by car. The rest of the rules have not disappeared, so from time to time it is convenient to remember them. That the same does not touch you, but if it does, it can be an expensive mistake in difficult times.

For example, there are two types of people: those who fill up when the car is about to go into reserve and those who fill up when the vehicle can barely run. The seconds must be careful. There is no rule that penis run out of gas, but the General Traffic Regulations it can be applied to those who find themselves in this situation.

To stay without fuel on the road can be a € 200 fine by negligent driving if a situation of risk or danger arises.

With all this, it is clear that drivers must always have all five senses on the road. And also in the BOE and the General Traffic Regulations. Any mistake can lead to a fine.

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