Monday, March 1

Mandatory quarantine | Ottawa blames over-farsighted travelers

Heavily criticized for an inefficient hotel reservation system, Canada is blaming travelers it considers a little too far-sighted and invites them to call only 48 hours before their flight.

Véronique LauzonVéronique Lauzon

The Public Health Agency of Canada explained that “the government receives a high volume of inquiries, which creates long wait times for callers,” Maryse Duquette replied by email. But travelers can hope that this situation will resolve itself soon, since “the number of calls is decreasing day by day”.

The reservation line for reserving a hotel room authorized by the government experienced a high volume of calls, with 20,000 calls on February 19, 15,000 on February 20 and 10,000 on February 21.

Right now, the average wait time would be two hours.

“A lot of the calls to the reservation line come from people who want to book hotel rooms in March and April. Travelers should not call to book a government-authorized hotel because they plan to travel in the future, ”said Mme Duquette.

Canadians invited to call the reservation line to reserve a hotel room are those whose flight is scheduled in the next 48 hours and “are ready to book and pay for their accommodation.”

For travelers who simply have questions about mandatory stays, travel restrictions, and allowed hotels, the Public Health Agency instead invites them to turn to their website for answers.

For travelers who are unsuccessful in reserving a room before arriving in Canada, officials from the Public Health Agency of Canada will be on hand at airports to help them book a government-authorized hotel.

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