Saturday, April 17

Loana “was in a very serious condition, but she can still speak”

Loana (Petrucciani), on January 14, 2016 in Brussels – STEPHANIE LECOCQ/ISOPIX/SIPA

Loana is hospitalized in a “very serious” condition. Guest of TPMP Monday evening, Guillaume Genton, who is making a documentary on the reality TV star, returned to his hospitalization which several people press media spoke about as of Monday afternoon.

“Yesterday evening, she was escorted back to her hotel by her driver, she is surrounded on this shoot, we do not leave her alone,” he explained. (…) And this morning, Guillaume Garnier, who is our editor-in-chief, found Loana in a pitiful state in his room with the room upside down, the bins that were searched ”.

“You cannot be cured of a disease in three months”

And of resume in the show by Cyril Hanouna on C8: “She was taken to the emergency room at 9 am, she is at Hyères hospital. She was in very serious condition, but she can still speak ”. For his part,
Sylvie Ortega, A close friend of Loana according to Here is, reacted in a story on Instagram: “Even with a lot of willpower, you cannot be 100% cured of a disease in three months. We will give you news from Loana in due course ”.

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