Sunday, February 28

Guadeloupe: parents of students demonstrate against wearing masks from 6 years old

There were people in front of the rectorate of Guadeloupe on Monday. Several dozen parents of pupils were mobilized to oppose the wearing of the compulsory mask for children at school from the age of 6 years. The measure, applicable from Monday, had never been applied in the archipelago, unlike the metropolis. Until then, the mask was imposed only from the age of 11 years.

Parents highlight high temperatures and a lack of ventilation and ventilation in schools, which they say make the mask difficult for children to wear.

_ “We cannot impose that on children, at a young age like that”, assures Laurence, parent of a student. “Especially since as parents, we know how our children behave in school. A mask all day, it will never be able to hold. It means that the mask will be worn, thrown, picked up. They will do anything “_.

Financial boost

After meeting the parents of the students, the rector of the Academy of Guadeloupe Christine Ganglo ff- Ziegler assured that she would report their grievances to the Ministry of Education and that the implementation of the measure would be “gradually “and with a financial boost.

“Friday afternoon we met the parents’ associations and we nevertheless indicated that we would gradually apply this measure over the week and that we would also come in support by providing two masks per person”, declared Christine Ganglo ff- Ziegler. “We are even trying, with the prefecture, to go further, in particular to support families in greater social difficulties.”

Guadeloupe was so far more spared from the Covid-19 pandemic than metropolitan France with less than 10,000 officially recorded cases and 160 deaths for 350,000 inhabitants. The incidence rate remains much lower than that recorded in metropolitan France or Mayotte, but the number of cases is increasing, in particular because of the arrival of the British variant on the territory, which is much more contagious.

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