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Canadian Parliament recognizes ‘genocide’ against Uyghurs, China protests

The motion, tabled on the initiative of the Conservatives (opposition), was carried in the House of Commons by 266 votes to 338. It also called on the Justin Trudeau government to agree. Other members of parliament, including ministers in Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government, abstained.

This motion recognizes that “Uyghurs in China have been and are subject to genocide“.

The Chinese Embassy in Canada rejected the motion in a statement, “a shameful act“, calling Canadian MPs”hypocrites and shameless“for having recourse”on the excuse of human rights to engage in political manipulation in Xinjiang in order to interfere in China’s internal affairs“.

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To support their request, the deputies point in particular “political and anti-religious indoctrination“, “forced labor“and”destruction of cultural sites“that according to them this Muslim minority in Xinjiang.

An amendment to the motion calling for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics to be moved if the “genocide“continues, was also adopted.

Some people in Canada should drop their anti-Chinese prejudices“, criticized Chinese diplomacy Wang Wenbin before the press in Beijing on Tuesday.

Mr. Wang said his country would respond “resolutely“to any action by Canada which”would undermine“to the interests of China.

– ‘Enormes violations’ –

According to studies by American and Australian institutes, at least one million Uyghurs have been interned in “camps“from Xinjiang and some were subjected to”forced labor“or to”forced sterilizations“.

China categorically denies the last two accusations and asserts that “camps” are “vocational training centers“intended to distance the population from religious extremism and separatism, after numerous deadly attacks against civilians by Uyghurs.

Now Conservatives Call on Liberal Government to Respect Parliament and Formally Recognize Genocide Happening in China“said their leader, Erin O’Toole, who for months called on Ottawa to toughen up the tone against Beijing.

The Government of Canada takes any allegation of genocide extremely seriouslyForeign Minister Marc Garneau reacted in a statement, recalling that Canada favors a concerted approach with its allies on this issue.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau admitted on Friday that “huge human rights violations reported in Xinjiang“.

He clarified at the end of a G7 meeting that Canada was consulting with its partners on the use of the term “genocide“already employed by Donald Trump’s administration.

Relations between Canada and China are going through an unprecedented crisis since the arrest at the end of 2018 of the former Canadian diplomat Michael Kovrig and his compatriot Michael Spavor, accused of espionage, a few days after that of a Huawei executive , Meng Wanzhou, at Vancouver Airport.

The financial director of the Chinese giant was arrested at the request of the American justice who wants to try her for bank fraud.



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