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Alliances and divisions, negotiations are going well in Paca

The hemicycle of the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur Regional Council. – PATRICK VALASSERIS / AFP

  • The health crisis linked to Covid-19 has postponed regional elections by six months. The National Assembly fixed, at the beginning of February, the dates of the elections on June 13 and 20.
  • Four months before the election, 20 Minutes takes stock of the candidates declared or announced to succeed Renaud Muselier, president of the Paca region.
  • Faced with a given favorite RN, the issues related to possible alliances are currently at the heart of the discussions.

In the midst of a health crisis, the electoral calendar is becoming clearer, and the regional elections are approaching. In early February, the National Assembly set the date for the first round at June 13. In Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, faced with a National Rally (RN) given favorite in the polls, the question of alliances agitates candidates of all stripes a few months before the election. 20 Minutes make the point.

Thierry Mariani in pole position

Faced with the outgoing president about to represent himself, the extreme right, the only opposition force which has sat for six years on the regional council, had first found itself in 2017 orphaned by its then leader, a certain Marion Maréchal-Le Pen.

It was without counting on the passage to the National Rally of Vauclusien Thierry Mariani, whose investiture would be imminent. Ironically, the former minister is well known to historical local figures of the right, to which he has long belonged, including the president of the region, Renaud Muselier.

“Thierry Mariani will try to speak to our voters, worries the LR deputy of Vaucluse Julien Aubert, who knows the former minister well for having worked with him in the past. It’s necessary to be vigilant. “” He is a little the man of the gathering, wants to believe Jean-Lin Lacapelle, an executive of the RN. It is one of her symbols of Marine Le Pen’s desire to expand to bring people together wherever they come from. “

And to forecast: “What will happen in this region? It’s a bit like the second round of the presidential election, with Macron against Le Pen. It is very likely that we will have two opposing poles. The current president will be joined by the Macronists. Opposite, the RN list will be the rally list. “According to a survey Ifop appeared last December made on a sample of 905 people registered on the electoral lists, Thierry Mariani would come first in the first round ahead of Renaud Muselier, but would lose in the second in the case of a triangular with the left.

Renaud Muselier on the way to the election?

Officially, the current president of the LR region Renaud Muselier, in office since 2017 following the resignation of Christian Estrosi because of multiple mandates, believes that the time has not come to raise a candidacy for his re-election, claiming to be fully mobilized on the front of the health crisis.

But his desire to return to work for a second term has become an open secret, and the real mystery for the time being lies in the composition of his future team. In an interview with Parisian granted last week, the LREM deputy of Alpes-Haute-Provence and president of the LREM group in the National Assembly Christophe Castaner made a very clear appeal with his foot to Renaud Muselier “so that together we fight for the region and against the same opponent ”, namely the RN.

This Thursday in an interview with Provence, Secretary of State for People with Disabilities Sophie Cluzel announced that she was “leader of all the components of the presidential majority for the regional elections. “And to clarify immediately:” Leader does not mean candidate. At this stage, I am above all in the dialogue with all the talents. “

“I want to be very clear: I do not want any device or party agreement before the first round,” said the boss of the Paca region in Figaro this Friday. I am open to all personalities, to all screenings, to all debates, but not to device or party agreements. Of course, for the second round, no barrier gestures between the Republicans that we are! », Added Renaud Muselier.

Anyone who openly criticizes Olivier Véran’s policy in terms of managing the health crisis does not, however, rule out that “individuals” can join him, provided they pass a “PCR” test for “Project, Skills, Republic”.

Several regional councilors elected alongside Christian Estrosi and Renaud Muselier have indeed left Les Républicains to join other formations, including LREM, like Caroline Pozmentier. “We are working on a central block offer that makes it possible to give a political offer that meets the expectations of citizens, by going beyond memberships as we do within the executive”, explains the one who was head of the list for the senatorial.

A vision that divides in its own camp. “I think we must be very clear, insists the LR deputy of Vaucluse Julien Aubert, known to be on the right of the party. We are the right. We must be proud of who we are. Afterwards, yes, we built a plural majority with allies, but it was more the UDI, possibly the Modem. Me, I do not belong to a party which makes alliances with En Marche! “

In this context, Benoît Kandel, former first deputy UMP of the city of Nice, arises as an alternative for “right-wing voters who do not wish to vote on“ Macron-compatible ”candidates like Christian Estrosi, Hubert Falco and Renaud Muselier and who do not wish to vote for the National Rally either. “Le Niçois wants to be the leader of a” various right-wing and independent list supported by Nicolas Dupont-Aignan “.

The left wants union but struggles to find it

As a reminder, the left is completely absent from the regional council, after the withdrawal in 2015 of Christophe Castaner, then socialist candidate, to block the FN. So, on the strength of the victory of the Printemps Marseillais, voices are raised to build a union from the first round, embodied by some heavyweights of the movement, such as Sophie Camard or Olivia Fortin. “The question arises today on the project, and not on the person who should embody it, retorts the latter. I think, on the other hand, that a left united to the regional is imperative against a leading FN. “

But the prospect of this union divides at EELV, to the point of turning into the Mi’kmaq. In October, the ecological party had first appointed Olivier Dubuquoy as leader for the regional. Supporter of a rally of the left from the first round as did the Marseillais Spring, this one however saw his motion defeated, in January, during a very close internal vote.

Arrived at the head with 235 votes against 220, the latter advocate the establishment of an “ecological pole” bringing together all the ecological parties before the discussion with the other left forces. Olivier Dubuquoy was officially suspended in early February, after having once again signed a call for a rally of the left in the first round, with some 200 other elected officials and personalities. Last Sunday, it is therefore another leader that EELV has chosen, with the Varois Jean-Laurent Félizia. “I will continue to gather all my energy to constitute a list of the ecological and citizen left,” warns Olivier Dubuquoy for his part.

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