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Wife Toño Mauri: ‘secret’ is discovered and they are accused of using influences

  • Toño Mauri leaves the hospital safely after being hospitalized for almost 8 months
  • Netizens accuse him of having used influence peddling
  • “Having married the granddaughter of a former president of Mexico made the difference”

Toño Mauri’s wife is the granddaughter of a former president. After spending more than 8 months in hospital fighting for his life because of the coronavirus, actor Toño Mauri managed to get out of the hospital safely; but now they accuse him of having used influences to carry out his lung transplant.

It should be remembered that the actor fell ill with coronavirus and his lungs were damaged because of the disease. They had to perform an emergency double lung transplant, which caused doubts from some Internet users.

And it is that in a video where the actor is interviewed and where he tells how his recovery was after the surgery, several netizens claim that it was thanks to his wife that they treated him quickly.


“Having married the granddaughter of a former president of Mexico made a difference,” said one user, where another immediately responded, “with just faith you do not get the best hospitals or preference in waiting lists, those of us who are waiting know that the money makes a huge difference between life and death so don’t say why prayers don’t solve anything ”.


Carla Alemán, wife of Toño Mauri, is the granddaughter of the former president of Mexico, Miguel Alemán Valdés, who served as Mexican president from December 1, 1946 to November 30, 1952.


In an interview with Dr. Juan Rivera, Toño Mauri denied having used influences within the hospital to care for him and perform the surgery he urgently needed.

“Here in the United States that does not work that way, but I did not come here with any recommendation, I simply came as one more patient, we have always had insurance like anyone else,” said the actor.


Toño Mauri lost almost 20 kilos

In an interview, after a week of having left the hospital where he was hospitalized because of the coronavirus, Toño Mauri confessed that he lost about 20 kilos, according to the portal The stars.

Toño Mauri's wife, granddaughter of former president


It was during a talk on the “First Hand” program, where he said he is trying to regain the weight he lost while hospitalized.

“There is a lot to do in itself. I entered weighing … my normal weight which was not 64 kilos, it was what I weighed. Today I weigh 48 but during this process I am seeing how little by little, in food and exercise, my weight goes up ”, said the actor.

In the same way, the Mexican actor recognized his family and God for never abandoning him and being with him in that horrible situation he went through.

“The most important thing is the family, do not lose it, hug it, tell it what you feel so that if one day we are surprised to leave, we can be sure that until the last moment we said what we felt,” said Toño.

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Toño Mauri defended himself from those who say he used influence for his transplant

Through a video in YouTube of the Hoy program, they presented a note where the actor appears defending himself against the haters who say that he is only alive thanks to his influences to perform the double lung transplant.

Toño Mauri's wife, granddaughter of former president 3


“It’s not a topic that I can cover or that I know so and so, not that,” said Mauri with difficulty speaking.

The artist confesses to having been on a waiting list like any patient, he even said that nobody knew him there, but that the doctors were constantly working giving their all.

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