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The truth, the obsession and the Commander

The most optimistic say that the truth does not need ornaments to convince. That however spartan its expression, when the truth is manifested, resounding and severe, it is immediately identified. In any case, probably many is what they will have felt with the last article of the Dr. Rafael Matesaz, creator and guardian for years of the National Transplant Association, unanimously proclaimed by international medical opinion as a model of logistical perfection in the extremely difficult task of supplying broken bodies.

His description of the management of the pandemic in Spain is devastating. Actually, it does not discover anything. It just limits itself to remembering.

First, its balance: Spain is the country with the highest number of deaths in relation to its population, the world champion of infected toilets during the first wave and the scene of the most brutal drop in GDP.

A perfect salad of death, lack of protection and poverty, whose recipe, very simple, Dr. Matesaz also points out: the deliberate inaction of the Government in the early days of the pandemic by a pure partisan calculation, which sought to safeguard the 8-M despite to the fact that much earlier the European health alarm had already jumped; their absolute lack of foresight, with an initial lack of tests, protective equipment and masks, despite having proclaimed urbi et orbi that he had everything tied and well tied; and a first phase of a vigorous sanitary Jacobinism, imposed despite the evident lack of a minimal central administrative structure that could make it viable, which was followed by a complete swing of the pendulum to the radically opposite extreme, moving to the model kingdoms of taifa, with Autonomous Communities abandoned to their fate and without more common mortar than the ineffable Dr. Simón as a television commentator on his misfortunes.

Indeed, the famous co-governance that, of course, has ended up being mocked by the Government itself

Indeed, the famous co-governance that, of course, has ended up being mocked by the Government itself by refusing the generalized claim of its alleged co-governors to be endowed with greater autonomy to adjust closures and confinements to the particular circumstances of each one. And all this, with no other basis than to save the Catalan electoral appointment and, with it, the breath Badly, before its deflation and inevitable transition to a lumpy concoction of curile forms and amoral contents.

It should be added that all this has been spiced up with a truly remarkable human resources policy: the election as Minister of Health of a philosopher, with no known skill other than the possession of a voice with built-in decibel control as standard; the stripping of his ministry to clothe others (these, zombie ministries created for nothing more than to serve as a base for the extras of the government quota of Podemos and company); and the lack of an external and independent advisory committee (worse still, its simulation; without a doubt, one of the most ridiculous and shameless episodes of the Sanchista script).

As is known, the dish served has been a strange mix of drama and comedy.

The drama was put yesterday by the unspeakable management of centralized purchases of sanitary material, with tests and protection equipment paid at the price of the report from Monedero and with the same level of quality (or existence). Centralization quickly replaced by the shameful policy of “save yourself who can” (again the lack of gray), suffered by some Autonomous Communities that were doomed to the sad spectacle of having to compete among themselves in the international souk.

The drama is set today by false promises of vaccines and the lack of a national vaccination plan

The drama is set today by the false promises of vaccines and the lack of a national vaccination plan. And the drama is always put by the lie of the dead, with its macabre and false accounting downward.

As for comedy, there are the unforgettable prophecies of the stone Dr. Simón, when he trivialized the danger that was looming and assured that “Spain will not have more than a diagnosed case.” Or his priceless medical advice, in which the masks went from unnecessary to mandatory, with no other reason for transit than their availability by the Government. A perfect combination of political vassalage and moral self-confidence that in a moderately serious country would have meant retirement from his job (and in a serious one, simply from his freedom).

So far, the truth of what happened. In his view, it would seem logical to conclude that the obsession of his theoretical notaries, the media, would be his faithful transfer to the citizens. And, as its inevitable consequence, to illuminate the starring role in the current news of those responsible (naturally, in the role of villains): from Sánchez to Simón, passing by Illa and the rest of the guests at the table of the Council of Ministers.

But in the Spain of Sánchez-Iglesias, the story and the truth hardly go hand in hand. If you go through newspapers, radios and social gatherings, you will find that the role of the main actor is reserved for a very different protagonist: the Hospital Nurse Isabel Zendal. The Zendal.

The surprising thing (understand, not for a Spaniard, but for any alien or foreigner who visited us) is that The country, the To be, The sixth, Four, Public, and other Zendal scrutineers have not made it the preferred target of their attention because they suspect that it hides a concentration camp for the antiayusistas. Or that it’s actually a sneaky fascist school of indoctrination. No. They all admit that the Zendal is just a hospital. A facility with beds that is about healing people.

But, despite this, they consider that Zendal should deserve their full attention. During all the time and above any other character, no matter how president or minister of the sanitary thing it is. And their attention is, of course, devastatingly critical.

Zendal’s figures clearly demonstrate its need with 397 patients today

Zendal’s figures clearly demonstrate its need with 397 patients today: 313 in hospitalization, 60 in ICU and 24 in ICU; and they categorically confirm its success with 1945 patients seen since its inauguration and 1486 discharges.

But, despite this, everything has been said and said about Zendal: “In Zendal there are no ucis”, “A hospital where they serve moldy food”, “Nobody cleans”, “The cardiac arrest carts are empty “,” There are not enough staff “,” The health workers refuse to work at the Zendal “,” The Zendal suffers a shortage of dexamethasone, the only drug that has been shown to be effective “,” The Zendal has no patients “,” The Zendal was unnecessary “…

It is the obsession of Zendal. Or it was, because last Sunday The country He said “up to here”, and the obsession reached there.

It was not even a generous report. A strictly aseptic text in the description of the Zendal sufficed. I mean, truthful. And so, on February 7, the same newspaper in which one day it could be read “We have to know if they are poisoning people in Zendal” surrendered to the evidence. It was enough that a journalist from The country decide to enter and examine the inside of the Zendal. Without intermediaries and with the code of ethics duly reviewed. He did it and told it.

It is true that in the report there is not even the slightest outline of an apology for having covered the lie for so long. But it matters little. The only important thing is what it means: as the lyrics of an old Cuban song say, “The fun is over. The commander arrived and ordered a stop ”.

Pathetic… Fortunately, in this case.

*** Marcial Martelo de la Maza is a lawyer and a doctor of Law.

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